Skream and Benga 2013-01-11 N-Type is guest host

Tracklist is messy…
“N-Type keeps Benga company whilst Skream is away. If you don’t know N-Type then get to know!
He’s been part of the dubstep scene since the beginning and is also the big boss behind the wicked labels Wheel & Deal and Sin City. He is Benga’s guest on A History of Bass and he’ll be taking over for the last 30 minutes for the Slammers & Bangers mix.
Plus there’s all the usual bits of Garage Shouts, 130 @ 11:30 and Beni’s Final Thought. Two hours of beats, bass and banter!”
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Skream and Benga 2013-01-11 N-Type is guest host [ download] [Depositfiles download]

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