Skream and Benga 2012-09-14 Mala is on the phone!

“One of the guys behind the ground-breaking Anti War Dub, original dubstepper, pioneer of the movement and one third of Digital Mystikz, Mala, is on the phone to chat about his new album and to pick his entry for A History Of Bass.
The boys take a step back from the decks and up to the microphone for the Garage Shout Outs; at 11:30 things slowed down for the 130 @ 11:30 and the boys play their favourite house tracks at the minute; and for the final half an hour there’s absolutely zip chitter chatter and strictly only music for the Slammers & Bangers Mix.
And don’t forget to keep listening until the very end in order to catch Benji’s Final Thought, when he unburdens a few pearls of wisdom. Two hours of the very best beats, bass and banter from dubstep dons Skream & Benga! ”
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Skream and Benga 2012-09-14 Mala is on the phone! [ download] [Depositfiles download]

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