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Silver Circle – Monstercat Mix Contest

31 October, 2016 (12:20) | Dubstep, Electronic music | By: Core News

The Virginia producer and DJ Silver Circle is back with a new mix filled with dubstep and EDM bangers. We get tunes from Tristam, Hellberg, Feint and many more. Listen to the mix in the Soundcloud player below.
Silver Circle is also participating in a competition with this mix on Splice so head over there and vote for them if you enjoy their sounds!

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1. Hellberg – The Girl (feat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff)
2. Razihel – Legends (feat. TeamMate)
3. Varien & Razihel – Toothless Hawkins (And His Robot Jazz Band)
4. Pegboard Nerds – Hero (feat. Elizaveta)
5. Feint – We Won’t Be Alone
6. Nitro Fun – New Game
7. Tristam & Braken – Flight
8. Tristam – I Remember
9a. Aero Chord – 4U
9b. Project 46 – Signs (feat. Shantee)(ACAPELLA)
10. Razihel – Skybreaker
11. Razihel & Aero Chord – Titans
12. Hellberg – The Girl (feat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff)

Silver Circle - Monstercat Mix Contest