Shackleton Trainwreck Mix for Red Bull Music Academy Radio

“Sam Shackleton first put his mark on the burgeoning dubstep scene when he started running the sadly defunct Skull Disco together with Appleblim, fusing a penchant for complex beats with doomsday moods and majestic bass, tailor made for advanced dancefloors. He has since remained one of the most consistently forward thinking producers, just as likely to draw influence from Throbbing Gristle as from the outer fringes of techno. The Ricardo Villalobos Remixes of “Blood On My Hands” on Skull Disco in 2007 already pointed to the fusion of the dubwise and the minimal that was to take Shackleton himself to labels from Hotflush to Perlon in the following years. This mix is drawn from the same sessions that garnered his celebrated selection for Fabric 55, drawing heavily on the edits and interludes he uses to shape his idiosyncratic live sets.”
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Shackleton Trainwreck Mix for Red Bull Music Academy Radio [Fileserve download]

Shackleton & Vengeance Tenfold – Stripped III (Version) – Unreleased
Shackleton – Man On A String Part 1 & 2 – Unreleased
Shackleton – Angel On A String – Unreleased
Shackleton – Fireworks – Unreleased
Shackleton – Deadman – Unreleased
Shackleton – Bottles – Unreleased
Shackleton – Hypno Angel – Skull Disco
Shackleton – Something Has Got To Give – Perlon
Shackleton – Massacre – Skull Disco/Hotflush
Shackleton – Torn Skin III (Version) – Unreleased

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