Secretsundaze – Essential Mix 2022-05-21

“Celebrating 20 years of Secretsundaze with James Priestley Giles Smith on the decks.
This Saturday R1 will broadcast our debut Essential Mix
It’s only taken 20 years but as they say good things come to those that wait 😉It’s hard to communicate what this means to us after all these years but we’ll try! It means a hell of a lot. Both the Essential Mix and the Essential Selection had a huge impact on us in our formative years most notably the early to late 90’s when we met at school (91) and went to our first rave together (92). The 90’s were an incredible time for the Essential Mix and we used to come home after pub closing time and crack open x2 TDK 90 minute tapes staying up to flip it over after 45 minutes and then switch tapes at 90 minutes to grab the the last 30! Some faves from memory of that era include Daft Punk, Stacey Pullen, Ashley Beedle, Weatherall, Sasha, Danny Rampling, LTJ Bukem, Fathers of Sound and Doc Martin. ⁣
Recording 90% of our mixes live at home often mainly with a lot of vinyl this was our first studio mix in 10 years and contemplating what to include, expressing our individual styles, representing the party, covering many genres (ambient / hip hop / soul, house, more techy vibes, garage to boogie) all while keeping a smooth flow was a lot! In the first instance we got together and treated it like one of our b2b set’s and after some initial “why have we left it so late” eye rolls it came together pretty quickly in a day or so. Wish we could say the same of the next phase in the studio! This took close to a week and with half of the tracks included unavailable digitally and lifted from vinyl RIPs causing us so much grief in the studio with warping we ended up by recording a few mixes live! But we’re both really happy with how it’s turned out in the end – hope you enjoy it! ⁣
Love and eternal gratitude to those who have danced to our sets over the years, for the constant source of inspiration, particularly our Secretsundaze friends & family here in London. ❤️ A very special shout to David Agrella for your skills and patience 🙏⁣”
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