Robert Taylor – Lust Letters To Bristol

Robert Taylor transports listeners on a musical odyssey through “Lust Letters To Bristol”; a 1.5+ hour mix featuring over 30 masterfully blended Drum & Bass and Jungle tracks. Starting with ambient introspection, lofty melodies slowly give rise to intricate breakbeats and basslines sculpted to lift spirits or accelerate pulses. This virtual B-side journey has garnered over 21,000 online plays from a worldwide audience, alongside social media accolades from prominent electronic artists nationwide commending the selection’s rare nuance, impeccable track pairing, and paramount ability to both challenge and soothe the soul in equal measure.

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Wait.Lifted (SenseNet Remix)
Ill Truth – The Pressure Ft Joe Raygun
Veak – Revelation
Good Shepherd – Lost Boys (Original Mix)
Alien Perfect – Utmost Finesse
Alien Perfect – Dr. Drunkenstein
ALBEES – Shapes (Original Mix)
Ill Truth – Boys
Taelimb – The Source
Minor Forms – Fourth Wall
Hadley – Pineapple Pizza
Offline – Think About You
Alien Perfect – Paranoia
Alien Perfect – Shadow Vibe
The Sauce – Fly Sh – T
Crisis & Ikon-B – Armed & Dangerous (Original Mix)
Greekboy – Ghost Town (Original Mix)
Shadows – Jellyfish
ALBEES – And 1 (Original Mix)
Minor Forms – Rule Of Thirds Ft Sense MC
Molecular – Let It Go
The Sauce & Fox – Yagga Yagga
Trex – Are You Listening
Data 3 – Nikola (Original Mix)
Trex – Hangman Ft Sense MC
Rizzle – Sonics Ft Ben Verse
Unglued – Sunbathing In Space (Original Mix)
Kadilak – Junglero
High Contrast – Music Is Everything (Original Mix)
DJ Marky, Alibi, Charli Brix – Natural Feeling (Original Mix)

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