Rob da Bank 2011-02-26 Toddla T sits in

“Toddla T sits in for Rob Da Bank bringing his own twist of eclectic music. Plus he hijacks Rob’s Intro-Ducer, The Saturday Skank, The 6 O’Clock Snooze & the Greatest Record in the World.”
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Rob da Bank 2011-02-26 Toddla T sits in [Filesonic]

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2 thoughts on “Rob da Bank 2011-02-26 Toddla T sits in”

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  2. Toddla keeps the flow of rhythm on the show amazingly! He just simply delivers!

    Massive tunes placed, dropped and popped up all the way. My top picks must be Symone, Freddo, Trim, Kito, Sigma, Marsha Ambrosius.

    And i feel so good hearing Tippa Irie again! British royalty no less!

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