Resident Advisor Exchange RA.EX040 with Adam X

Warehouses, graffiti and techno with the NYC native. Prolific industrial/EBM champion Adam X needs little introduction, but for those who missed his RA podcast and Finn Johannsen’s interview, here goes: Adam X’s legacy was sown in the early ’90s with the opening of the Sonic Groove record store and a series of Brooklyn warehouse raves he produced with this his brother, Frankie Bones. In 1995 the Sonic Groove imprint was launched as outlet for Adam X’s own productions and other artists harbouring the darker, futuristic side of electronic music, artists that through the years have included the likes of Kevin Saunderson and Dave Clarke. In 2007 Adam X relocated to Berlin and inspired by trips to the city’s famed Berghain club began releasing under the alias Traversable Wormhole—a name that has since become a watchword for twisted, atmospheric techno. In this instalment of our Live Exchange series at Mutek, Todd L. Burns talks to the New York techno veteran.”
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Resident Advisor Exchange RA.EX040 with Adam X [Filesonic]

Resident Advisor Exchange RA.EX040 with Adam X
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