Pete Tong – Evolutions NYE live 2015-12-31

Here is a set from Pete Tong.
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5 thoughts on “Pete Tong – Evolutions NYE live 2015-12-31”

  1. well it’s not “live” 🙂 live he was playing in Dubai for New Year’s Eve, I was there and it’s not a set from the club….. But I wish he’d play this instead of his club set. Huge disappointment 🙂

  2. What he played in a club it was almost everything from his radio show dated 18 of December. :-/ This was my first time in a club in Dubai. I don’t smoke and here it allowed to smoke in the clubs. So I don’t go usually. 🙂

  3. Consider the alternative Andre, I don’t like the smell of smoke either but ever since they banned smoking in clubs around where I live, you usually get the much more disgusting smell of sweat everywhere 😀

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