Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007.08.03 with MC Envy and Mz Bratt

This weeks Mary Anne Hobbs got in studio session with the two female MC’s MC Envy and Mz Bratt.

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Mary Anne Hobbs with MC Envy and Mz Bratt [ download]

Bob Marley- ‘Exodus’ (Tuff Gong)
Richie Hawtin- ‘The Tunnel’ (M_nus) (LP- Nothing Much- A Best Of M_nus)
Wiley- ‘Sorry, Sorry, Pardon, What’ (Big Dada)
Boxcutter- ‘Infraviolet’ (Dubplate)

The Download
Al Haca- ‘Banana Split’ (Different Drummer) (EP- Family Business)

Ben Frost- ‘Stomp’ (Bedroom Community) (LP- Theory Of Machines)
Burial- ‘Ghost Hardware’ (Hyperdub)
Si Begg- ‘Digital’ (Totally Re-Kirked Mix) (Noodles) (LP- Jetlag & Tinnitus Part 4)
Laurent Garnier- ‘First Reactions’ (PIAS) (LP- Public Outburst)
Unknown- ‘Untitled Dub’ (Plastician & Skream remix) (Southern Fried)

In Session: MC ENVY & MZ BRATT

Loefah- ‘Sukkah’ (Texture)
Papayk & Padberg- ‘Skit: Pantomime Horse’ (Mo’s Ferry Productions) (LP- Black Beauty)
Kush Arora feat. Sukh- ‘Tribulation’ (KAP) (LP- Bhang Ragga: Dancehall Bhangra In Future Dub)
Dizzee Rascal feat. Newham Generals- ‘My Life’ (XL)
Intex Systems – ‘Destroy’ (Hotflush)
Mark Pritchard feat Steve Spacek – ‘Turn It On’ (Sonar Kollectiv)
Aaron Spectre- ‘4 Voices’ (Ad Noiseam) (LP- Lost Tracks)
vs_price- ‘Neuf’ (Expanding) (LP- songs06.txt)

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Dub mix from Luke Version B

Lets things down a bit and listen to this sweet dub mix.
Found it over on a blog called Dubmix.

From the blog:
“This is the first in the series of a new set of mixes. A mix of nothing but dub versions straight up and totally un themed with plenty of extra subtle digital dubbing from myself. Including plenty of rare and hard to find cuts ranging from roots dub to dubstep and electronica dub. A ruthless 45 minute dub assault.”

Download it here.

Matumbi – Frenz
Revolutionaries – Untitled Dub
Rhythm Doctors – Dub Ting
Brain Damage – A’la Pointe
Unknown/Blank – Dub 2
Jah Malla – Disco Dub Ghetto Style
Professor & Sogie – Version 3
Dub Specialist – Lourenco Marques
Yabby You – African Version
Scientist – The Winner
Itopia – Creation Dubwise Version
Etherealites – Unbelievers
Barnabas – Bionic Skank
Shaka Plate – Carry Us Beyond
Alter Echo – Dubplate feat Dr. Israel
Burial – Broken Home

New mix from Zajko – This is Ragga-Jungle

Lovely mix from Zajko with lots ragga jungle bangers. Both old and new ragga jungle classics!

1. Barrington Levy & Beenie Man – Under Mi Sensi (X-Project remix)
2. DJ Dextrous & Rude Boy Keith – Charged
3. Krome & Time – The Licence
4. Prizna feat. Demolition Man – Fire (Remarc remix)
5. Remarc – R.I.P. (Remarc remix)
6. Conquering Lion – Code Red (Original mix)
7. Warlockz feat. Simpleton – Walk With Your Friends (Tearin’ mix)
8. Soundmurderer & SK-1 – Call Da Police
9. General Malice – Hands Up
10. Amen Andrews – 1000001 Style
11. Debaser – Clash Night
12. Tester – Gangster
13. Medit8 – Dis One For Da Rude Boy
14. Mayday & Sixteen Armed Jack – Fuckin Up Di World
15. 45 Thieves – The Lion Sleeps (ghost330 mix)
16. Baby Demo – Badness Ting (Nkogliaz Divide&Rule VIP)
17. Zebo – It Was Written
18. Diamond Geezer – Humble
19. Zajko – Get Rougher

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007.07.27 with Joris Voorn

The mix this week is from Joris Voorn. MAH is calling it deep space techno on the website. Whatever that is.
Fave track this week is Cdatakill- ‘No Brakes’ (Detreitus Mix) (Ad Noiseum) (LP- Bleeding Hearts Vol. 1 Compilation)

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Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007.07.27 with Joris Voorn [ download]

Aesop Rock- ‘The Harbor Is Yours’ (Definitive Jux) (LP- None Shall Pass)
Pendle Coven- ‘Habitual Stress’ (Modern Love) (EP- Habitual Stress)
Oyaarss- ‘Solaris’ (Dubplate)
Cdatakill- ‘No Brakes’ (Detreitus Mix) (Ad Noiseum) (LP- Bleeding Hearts Vol. 1 Compilation)

The Download
Lull- ‘Long Way Home’ (Subharmonic) (LP- Cold Summer)

Untold- ‘Test Signal’ (Dubplate)
Boxcutter- ‘Infraviolet’ (Dubplate)
Kuti Kult- ‘Stay Strong’ (Pioneer Unit) (LP- Planetary Assault)
Swayzak- ‘Quiet Life’ (K7!) (LP- Some Other Country)
Model 500- ‘Starlight’ (Deepchord Mix) (Echospace)

Joris Voorn’s Journey Into Space Mix
tracklist to follow….

DJ Distance- ‘Fallen’ Vex’d Mix (Planet Mu)
DJ 100Modo- ‘Broken 21’ (Dubplate)
Calibre- ‘Re-Entry’ (Signature) (LP- Shelflife)
Hugh Like- ‘Content’ (Demo)
Gatekeeper- ‘Tense Past’ (Punchdrunk)
Brentford Reggae Band- ‘Moses Version’ (Soul Jazz) (LP- Studio One Dub Compilation Vol.2)
Macabre Unit- ‘Fantasy’ (Boka)
Broken Note- ‘The Fury’ (Demo)
Fitkin Wall- ‘Powder Trap’ (GFR) (LP- Still Warm)

Hard acid mix from Paul A Healy of Somatic Responses

Hard acid mix from one of the guys in Somatic Responses.
Nice with something different from all the dubstep and breakcore.

The download.

A bit lacking tracklist:
acid junkies pt 1
thomas p heckmann – ?
Silent breed – AFU
dj esp – teacher
age – trope
british murder boys – ?
edge of motion – set up 707
UR – seawolf
morph x – ?
Bang the acid
woody mcbride – TPR
mike inc – we call it acid
woody mcbride -extraz
disintergrator – dark ominous clouds
woody mcbride -?
spy – bloodstrike
zekt – ?
zekt – external
zekt – it’s goodbye

Clark live mix at Sonar Festival 2007

Live set from Chris Clark on this years Sonar Festival. A small interview of the guy at the beginning of the mix. Not the best quality, but great for us who are stuck in places where such artists never visit.

Download it here.

Source is a site called You Are Hear Podcasts.

Anyone been to festivals this year?

I’m hoping to visit Numusic in Stavanger, Norway. They got a great line up including Altern8, Clark (heh guess I will see him after all), Coldcut, Dj Scotch Egg, The Bug, Underground Resistance to name a few.

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007.07.20 Guest Host Plastician

Plastician is guest host this week as Mary Anne Hobbs is away. Pure dubstep and grime vibes in this set.
Lots of nice tunes with Uncle Sam – Around The World Girls [Tes La Rok Remix] as my favorite this week.

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Mary Anne Hobbs 2007-07-20 with Plastician [ download]

Durrty Goods – Give Me The Music (ft. NY)
Mrk1 – Untitled

LD – Swing That Skirt
Magnetic Man – We Want Your Soul
Geeneus – Starbuck
Dz – Strong On Ya
Benga – Drums West
Cotti & Cluekid – Sensi Dub
Wiley – Tingles
Wiley – Bow E3
Scream – 2D [Plastician Special]
Blacks Ghost – Someway Through This [Plastician Vs Skream Mix]
Benga & Coki – Night
L-Wiz – Girl from Codeine City
Plastician – Japan
Uncle Sam – Around The World Girls [Tes La Rok Remix]
Joker – Aquarius
Coki – Untitled
Distance – Radical

Tes La Rok – Roll Out
Rusko – Jahova Rmx
Magnetic Man – Everything Kool
Jakes – 3kout
Joker – Gully Brook Lane [Plastician Special]
Plastician – Missing
Sticky Vs Unity – M6 Riddim
Matty G – West Coast [Caspa Remix]
Rusko – Untitled
Sukh Knight Vs V Deezy – Diesel Not Petrol
Skream – Heres A Sign
Joker – R2D2
Plastician – The Clouds
Kromestar – Rainy Dayz
Mala – Lean Forward
Cotti & Cluekid – The Legacy

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New release on Net-Lab: John Cohen – John Cohen – NL28

Some experimental stuff coming out from Net-Lab. This time from an artist I have never heard about before called John Cohen.

Download it here.

01 _{_}_
02 ~_§_~
03 _(^)_ RMX
04 [][][][]
05 -__- x
06 =;=

Press release:
“John Cohen’s eponymous release is pregnant with tension and darkness drenched in high-pitched squeals and thunderous low end. Opener, “{*}”, is a drunken dub sea-shanty, meandering through the broken hulks of sunken subs and the threadbare sails of pirate galleons: the washed out sounds of sirens and broken beats is warped until only echos remain. ~*§*~ has a wonderful mix of structure and “unstructure”.

One can never really be sure of which side of the fence you’re on while listening to this, or indeed, any of his tracks. Drifting tones across the collection become solid melodies without you noticing where he is taking you and simultaneously, just as you’re getting used to a solid rhythm, moments shift, inertia takes over and you just slide towards whatever Cohen, his Jamie Woon-esque vocals and Big Black era clanger guitars have for you around the next obtuse corner. This release is some sort of bastardised noise clatter disguised as a dubstep joint, (PIL meets Hawkwind meets Black Dice meets Vex’D if you’re into contextualisation), employing beats in unique and clever ways throughout the compositions to keep them loose and organic. His drums are effective throughout, in their ability to add presence to the “loops” (although where they repeat, who can tell!?), adding a pounding heart to the web of tortured sounds and soulful melodies. While the violence is present just under the surface, it’s clear that Cohen isn’t out to make an angry sound, it just has aspects of this. The most impressive of which, is the music’s ability to achieve so much in parallel. This is most evident on the second last track: -||- x.

No single phrase is allowed enough time to breathe, not a single sample sounds laboured, no single element is given enough space to allow the listener to relax. Yet, nothing sounds hurried, the flow is never interrupted and the changes come just when you anticipate that they should… everything just rolls off the tongue.”

New free mp3 release from Cock Rock Disco: Ladyscraper – The Death Of Mary Poppins

Another great release from Cock Rock Disco. This time Ladyscraper is dishing up some hardcore vibes for us.

Press release thing:
“Our last free album by Vorpal (~the end) continues to get glowing praise and ever higher download numbers. Now, fresh on it’s heels, comes a 43 minute behemoth of an album by England’s Ladyscraper: “The Death Of Mary Poppins”. Even though that title sounds pretty fucking stupid, it sort of encapsulates the music; both brutal and good-natured, dark yet optimistic. It’s a new sort of super-dark sound with a silver lining. We’re pleased as hell with it!! We hope you all really spread the word on this one- It’s 100% free and fucking GREAT!”

Download it here.

Ladyscraper - the death of mary poppins

1 100 Year Of Chicken Thief
2 2 In The Pink 1 In The Stink
3 Nunchucker
4 Hooke
5 Amputee
6 Tuboturd (Smack Down Mix)
7 Lady And The Lulu – featuring Lulu Deluxe
8 Gang Banger
9 Too Much BSG
10 Stick

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007.07.13 Al Haca

Wow, what an opening of these weeks Mary Anne Hobbs. Probably my favorite ragga jungle tune of all time: Barrington Levi & Beenie Man – Under Mi Sensi [X Project Remix].
Great tunes and cool set from Al Haca.

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Mary Anne Hobbs – 2007.07.13 with Al Haca [ download]

Barrington Levi & Beenie Man – Under Mi Sensi [X Project Remix]
Skream – Hedd Banger (Dubplate)
Tinchy Strider – Not Like Me [LP – Star In The Hood] (Takeover Entertainment)
Claro Intelecto – Beautiful Death (Dubplate)
Mindspan – Co-Axial (Dubplate)
Daybre feat Doom – Air (Kode 9 Mix) (Ghostly International)
Taz Buckfaster – Strike First (Dubplate)
Klute & Calibre – Freedom Come [LP – The Emperors New Clothes] (Commercial Suicide)
Murcof – Cosmos I [LP – Cosmos] (Leaf)
Curtis Lynch Jr feat JD – Mad Dread (Necessary Mayhem)
Elemental – Sparkle [Boxcutter remix] (Hotflush)
Kevin Gorman – Untitled (Mikrowave)


Guest Mix: Al Haca
Al Haca feat Joyce – Amicadi (Dubplate)
Milanese -Tau (Planet Mu)
Tolcha feat Rqm – The World Is A Ghetto (Metapolyp)
Aphrodelics – Stomp [Siqnature Remix] (Dubplate)
Milanese – Barry Dub (Planet Mu)
One Time – One Time [Stereotyp’s Bootleg Rmx] (Dubplate)
Tolcha feat Soom T – What About Us [White Dress Remix] (Dubplate)
Chris De Luca vs Phono feat Rqm – Designer (Dubplate)
Jahcoozi feat Lexy Lee – Freeze (Dubplate)
Stereotyp – Keepin Me [Stereotyp Remake] (Dubplate)
Milanese – Tau (Planet Mu)
Tolcha feat Soom T – Void (Dubplate)
Al Haca – Porra [Synthline] (Dubplate)
Al Haca feat Fefe – Reprezent (Duplate)
Cyrus – Indian Stomp (Tectonic)
Siqnature feat Sara – Oh Ja Oh Ye (Dubplate)
Siqnature – Cry (Dubplate)
Tritone – Mercury [Siqnature Remix] (Dubplate)

Ekaj – KJah (Dubpate)
Plaid – Bar Kimura Vexd remix (Dubplate)
Ilx – ‘Xhoust Fumes’ (Dubplate)
Autobee – Grump C*** [LP – Vomit!] (Proboscus)
Matthew Herbert – Waste Land [LP – Plat Du Jour] (Accidental)
Strings Of Consciousness – Sirenade Round Midnight (Central Control International)

New mix from Pistonsbeneath – Real Men Don’t Dance, They Sit, Sweat & Curse

Great new mix coming from Pistonsbeneath. Lots of dubstep, but some other styles too. I’m a sucker for mixes that blend different styles.
Very impressive, especially since it is his first!

Download on rapidshare
Download on megaupload

Subside – Home To Any Empty House
Plastician – Cha (Feat. Shizzle, Fresh & Napa)
Autechre – Stop Look Listen
Vex’d – Pop Pop VIP
Milanese – Billy Hologram
Tipper – Supersport
Squarepusher – Abacus 2
Si Begg – Buss
Boxcutter – Skuff’d
Ebola – Milk Bath
Radiohead – Let Down
Skream – Dutch Flowers
Hawerchuk – Mr. Leotardo
Omni Trio – Renegade Snares (Aquasky Vs. Masterblaster Remix)
Buckfunk 3000 – High Volume
3 Of A Kind – Babycakes (Qualifide Remix)
Ardisson – Rats Nest
Benga & Skream – The Judgement
Distance – Empire
Burial – Ghost Hardware
Wagon Christ – Shadows
Si Begg – Turn The Volume Up (FTP VIP Mix)
Origin Unknown – Truly One
Goldfrapp – Utopia (Tim Wright Remix)
Wookie – Battle (MJ Cole Mix)
Milanese – Cowboy
DJ Pinch & P. Dutty – Alien Tongue
Radioactive Man – Uranium
Hawerchuk – Caned Peas
Drop The Lime – Hot Sauce Grillz
Amen Andrews – Evil Rave
Burial – U Hurt Me
Skream Vs G Squad – Assumptions
Chevron – Gary Grew Some Garage
Milanese – Braggin’
Something J / DJ Maxximus – Mercedes Bentley Vs Versace Armani (Something J Nu Skool Rave Edit)
Pistonsbeneath – Fake Singing Armlet / Shackleton – Limb By Limb

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007.07.06 Dabrye and Black Milk

Core News bringing you the latest Mary Anne Hobbs show. This week there is exclusive live session tracks come from Dabrye & Black Milk.
Fave tune this week is Cotti Vs. Kromestar- ‘Mozart 3000’ (4N Frontier).

Next week is Ceephax Acid!! Can’t wait for that!

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Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007.07.06 Dabrye and Black Milk [ download]

Remember to download both parts to get the complete mp3.

Burial- ‘Exit Wounds’ (Hyperdub)
Pendle Coven- ‘Habitual Stress’ (EP- ‘Habitual Stress EP’) (Modern Love)
Filewile & Baby Chann- ‘Stamp You Feet’ (Mouthwatering)
Darqwan- ‘Warrior Stance’ (Texture Dubplate)

The Download
John Tejada & Arian Leviste- ‘From Empty Words’ (Original Mix) (Palette)

Funk Ethics- ‘The Blues Is Now’ (Dubplate)
Robert Babicz- ‘Sin’ (LP- ‘A Cheerful Temper’) (Systematic)
Benga- ‘Roller’ (Tempa)
Durrty Goodz- ‘Switchin Songs II’ (EP- ‘Axiom EP’) (Dubplate)
Modeselektor Feat. Paul St. Hillaire- ‘Let Your Love Grow’ (LP- ‘Happy Birthday’) (Bpitch)
Oyaarss- ‘River Paute’ (Dubplate)

Daybre & Black Milk Session
All exclusive tracks

Andy Stott- ‘Fear Of Heights’ (EP- ‘Fear Of Heights EP’) (Modern Love)
David E Sugar – ‘Oi Berlin This Is London’ [Oi This Doesn’t Sound Like Skream Remix] (GrecoRoman)
Vaccine- ‘Breathless’ (Dubplate)
TRG & Selector Dub U- ‘Losing Marbles’ (Dubplate)
ZX Spectrum Orchestra- ‘Musx’ (Warm Circuit)
Konfab- ‘Swart Gevaar VIP’ (Dubplate)
Aaron Spectre- ‘Say More Fire’ (Rag & Bone Records)
Worriedaboutsatan- ‘Noise 1’ (EP- ‘Noise 1’) (Iapetus Recordings)
Cotti Vs. Kromestar- ‘Mozart 3000’ (4N Frontier)
Vlageir Sigurosson- ‘Before Nine’ (LP- ‘Ekyilibrium’) (Bedroom Community)

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New showcase mix from 16 armed jack (16AJ)

Here is a threat for all the ragga jungle lovers.
16AJ of the Illegal Sound Crew is out with a new showcase mix.

The download.


01 16aj – Free Mind,
02 16aj – I Cant Let Go
03 16aj – King Of Kingz ft 2W!N Trilla
04 16aj – Request The Stylee ft topcat
05 16aj – Who Dem 06 ft capelton
06 16aj & Buck Lee – Limb By Limb dubplate ft cutty renks
07 16aj – Love So Pure ft Sizzla
08 16aj – Real People ft sizzla
09 16aj & thermadore – Fade Away
10 16aj – Pump ft sizzla
11 16aj – Don Dada ft supercat
12 16aj – Close My Eyes
13 16aj – The Bad Guy Dubplate
14 16aj – Just Niceness

Free release from Czech net label Amenorea

First release from the Czech net label Amenorea is a compilation with tunes from artists I have never heard about.
Mostly different styles of breakcore on this one. Some very nice tunes!

[AREA001] V.A. – Glam Dancefloor

[AREA001] V.A. - Glam Dancefloor

01. Andy Omen – Definitions (3:41)
02. Blasterspheric – Forgotten Broken Souls (4:58)
03. JeRe – enclave (7:12)
04. Thye – Spectrum (6:50)
05. Medulla Oblongata – Edward Wood Jr. Story (4:13)
06. Babylon Disco – You, Me and a Million Pies (3:16)
07. M.A.C. of Mad – H.y.m. Update (5:50)
08. Ciastcore – Drugij Takt Pieried Pierwym (3:52)
09. DJ Ninja Love Mistake – Pocket Paradise (4:38)
10. SaPeR – BLuNT FoRCe TRauMa (3:50)
11. Blasterspheric – Daylight Eclipse (4:41)
12. KwasioR – GeT ouT oF mY liFe (2:48)
13. M.A.C. of Mad – Psykotek (Narcopolo Remix) (3:14)
14. Foia – Spandau Bullets (4:04)
15. Thye – Spontaneus Combustion (5:10)
16. DJ Ninja Love Mistake – Crocs Rule (4:49)
17. B.Slave Vs. dotZOLDER – Everlasting Anonymity (4:08)

Here is what the label got to say about themselves:
“Amenorea is a Czech netlabel, created in April 2007 [23.4.] by two people, who are hated for their opinions and attitudes to the decay of local electronic music scene in the Czech republic. this label links Czech and foreign producers and presents their work, ranging from break/metal/8bit/idm to experimental (*.core). amenorea is a non-profit organization, all releases are free for download.”

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007.06.29 Sub Swara vs. Skull Disco

Core News bringing you the latest Mary Anne Hobbs show. This week there is two dubby sets from Sub Swara and Skull Disco.

My personal favorite tune this week (so far) is Burial- ‘Ghost Hardware’ (Hyperdub).

Mary Anne Hobbs – Sub Swara vs. Skull Disco [ download]

Durrty Goodz- ‘Keep Up’ (EP- ‘Axiom’) (Dubplate)
Joris Voorn- ‘Decay’ (LP- ‘From A Deep Place’) (Technorient/Green)
Process Rebel feat. Dr. Israel- ‘Call Me Bloodfire’ (Dubplate)
Ital Tek- ‘Bell Tower’ (EP- ‘Bloodline’) (Planet Mu)
Distance- ‘Fallen’ (Vex’d Remix) (Planet Mu)

The Download
Bassnectar- ‘Kick It Complex’ (Bassnectar Remix) (Om)

Easy Changes- ‘Unknown’ (Wagon Repair)
Dabrye feat. J Dilla & Phat Kat- ‘Game Over’ (Flying Lotus Remix) (Dubplate)
Burial- ‘Ghost Hardware’ (Hyperdub)

Headline Mix: Sub Swara vs. Skull Disco
Round 1: Skull Disco
Basic Channel – ‘Radiance’ (Basic Channel)
The Congos – ‘Fisherman’ (Blood & Fire)
Various Artists – ‘8.5’ (Fatcat)
Mono Junk – ‘Channel B’ (Styrax Leaves)
Pole – ‘Achterbahn’ (Shackleton Remix) (Scape)
T++ – ‘Allied’ (Erosion)

Round 2: Sub Swara
Dhruva- ‘Intro’ (featuring Juakali) (White Label)
Secret Agent Gel- ‘Board’ (White Label)
Kush Arora and Lukeino- ‘Surf’s Up’ (Kush Arora Productions)
Dave Q- ‘Legalize it Refix’ (Dub War) (White Label)
Sharmaji- ‘Insh’allah’ (White Label)
Dhruva & Sharmaji – ‘Koli Stance’ (Vocal VIP Mix featuring Juakali) (White Label)

Zed Bias- ‘Time’ (EP- ‘Biasphere’) (Sick Trumpet)
Heralds Of Change- ‘Spotted’ (All City)
Kalashnekoff- ‘All I Got Refix’ (Out In The West)
Audion- ‘Just A Man’ (Ghostly International)
Disrupt- ‘The Stars My Destination’ (LP- ‘Secret Weapons’) (Werk)
Calibre feat. Steve Spacek- ‘For You Alone’ (EP- ‘Black Pocket Vol.2’) (Exit)
Deepchord presents: Echospace- ‘Aequinoxium’ (Modern Love)

Here is what MAH got to say about the two sets from Sub Swara and Skull Disco:
“both sets absolutely mindblowing and so deeply inspirational for me..
the melt of sound that both Skull Disco and Sub Swara are dealing with is absolutely dazzling..
i need to make the pilgrimage to Sub Swara in NYC this year.. no doubt..
both contenders for Mix Of The Year.. ”

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