New free mp3 release: Milieu – Sophiesongs

Nice to listen some laid back IDM after tons of core music.
Here is a new release from Milieu on custom music records.

Milieu – Sophiesongs
01. Theme
02. Greenscreen Boredoms
03. Top Bunk Breaks
04. Nights Alone In The Attic
05. Blank Disk
06. Sunroof Cruiser
07. First Time Leaving
08. Bulb Dub
09. Sinewave Sentinel
10. The Drive Home
11. Greenscreen Boredoms (A+100 Mix)
12. Nights Alone In The Attic (Thisket Mix)

Milieu - Sophiesongs

“Milieu’s “Sophiesongs” consists of lovely 8-bit and 16-bit stylings unearthed for a special Custom Music release. This collection also contains RARE remixes by CMR allstars A+100 and Thisket. A very special treat indeed.”

Download all the tracks as a zip file or the individual tracks here.

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