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“Namaste” by Lachi and Julian Javan (Remixed by Michael Herrick)

16 July, 2018 (18:53) | Electronic music | By: Core News

The “Namaste” remix was released July 13, 2018

The song “Namaste” is a Pop/EDM track written/performed by New York singer/songwriter Lachi, produced by Denmark DJ Julian Javan, and released by Lifted House / SONY. The remix is a Pop/Future Bass fusion by Indie producer Michael Herrick.

@lachimusic – – Lachi has collaborated with major and independent producers on the national and international level. With songs with Styles P, Snoop Dogg and others, Lachi’s seen her music on national TV and Radio.
@julianjavan – An emerging producer whose gained the respect of major DJs wordwide, and whose mixes have been featured in top playlists
@MichaelHerrick__ (insta) @michaelherrickmusic (FB) – A new independent producer making hits out of California

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