mp3legit providing legal alternatives to free mp3 downloads

Have you ever wondered where to find legal ways to listen to your favorite tracks instead of downloading pirate mp3’s or other types of music formats? The website mp3legit offers you just that with providing overviews of services online where you can download and keep mp3’s legally.

The site gives you advice on how to download legal mp3’s and even gives you a nice overview over the 20 most streamed tracks on Spotify, in addition to giving you an alternative way to listen to the tracks on iTunes. If you are interested in finding new and exciting music mp3legit also features a list of fresh new songs that are popular right now on Spotify (and again with an iTunes alternative).
The site also gives you cool statistics that shows us how many streams the tracks has received in different countries and if the tracks has been in any viral charts on Spotify.

Check out mp3legit and see for yourself if this service is something that can offer you good alternatives for listening to and downloading music in a legal way.

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