Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 2010 07 29 School’s Out special and Dam Funk mix

Let me hear some feedback on the quality of the MAH recording this week. If it is below standard I will provide another recording! Updated with a better recording.
“The future sound of electronic music. Mary Anne has a School’s Out special including plenty of summery tunes and a Modern Funk mix from LA’s Dam Funk.”
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Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 2010 07 29 School’s Out special and Dam Funk mix [Filesonic download]

1. Sepalcure — Love Pressure
2. Midland Midland — Head Down
3. Onra — Bonus Beat
4. Pudge — Awesome
5. Oriol — LW (from the LP ‘Night & Day’)
6. Joy Orbison Joy Orbison — The Shrew Would Have Cusioned The Blow
7. Dorian Concept — Her Tears Taste Like Pears
8. Donae’o Donae’o — I’m Fly
9. Appleblim & Al Tourettes — Lipsmacker
10. L-Vis 1990 — Reprise (from the EP ‘Forever You’)
11. E. Super — Wavecatcher (from the ‘Side A EP’)
12. Cooly G — Up In My Head

1. J1 — LiftOff
2. Devonwho — Slapshot
3. Reggie B — Khemitian Temple
4. Teeko X. — BustAMOVE!GO!OFF
5. Chesca & Elliot York — Twilight Fades
6. B. Bravo — Two 2 Tango
7. AD Bourke — Cosmic Connection feat. Amalia
8. Distant Starr — Here We Go
9. Odidisee — Curl
10. Pudge — Jungle Funk
11. Subtitle x Da^M-FunK — Experts
12. AD Bourke — One For Me
13. Grooveman Spot — Affection feat. Ahu
14. Teeko / Dibia$e / Devonwho — Young Funklords
15. Electric Wire Hustle — Unknown Instrumental aka Track 8
16. Computer Jay — Slipping!!
17. Fatima — Warm Eyes
18. Dam-Funk — The Funk Is 4 U/Outro

14. Pangaea — Router
15. Kingdom — That Mystic
16. Julio Bashmore — Footsteppin
17. Flying Lotus Flying Lotus — Do The Astral Plane (from the LP ‘Cosmogramma’)
18. TOKiMONSTA — Solitary Joy feat. Shuanise (from the LP ‘Midnight Menu’)
19. Kavsrave — PClart

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7 thoughts on “Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 2010 07 29 School’s Out special and Dam Funk mix”

  1. I downloaded the new version and the sound seems to still drop out around the 36-7 minute mark… any ideas? Is it the same for others?

  2. This week M/A played more familiar tunes that previously featured in her show. However some new music stood out like the new Tokimonsta, Kingdom and Dorian Concept.

    The Dam-Funk’s Modern Funk Mix is pure class. My fave bit is Fatima’s “Warm Eyes” which is just supreme soul.

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