Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 2010 04 08 Dr Strangeloop vs Young Montana? vs Asura

“Dr Strangeloop raises the bar this week with an exclusive music video to accompany his mix. Watch as the bizarre visuals unfold faultlessly in sync. with the music.
Top mixes from Asura and Young Montana? too. Each contrasting from the other, each unique and unforgettable.
Coming soon: Flying Lotus album preview.”
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Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 2010 04 08 Dr Strangeloop vs Young Montana? vs Asura [Filesonic download]

Pudge – Yung Infamous [Dubplate]
ASC – Halcyon Rays [Dubpate]
Egyptrixx – Hexagon Ya [Ramp]
Shinobi & Kase – Dirty Girl (Boodah remix) [Dubplate]
Kavsrave – PClart [Numbers]
Ikos – Hades Voice [Dubplate]
XI – Superwhatever [Dubplate]

Asura – Tensor Model [Unreleased]
Asura – Sleepers [Unreleased]
Anenon – One and the Same (Asura No Airhorns Remix) [Unreleased]
Asura – Sand and Soil [Unreleased]
MatthewDavid – Disk Selection 14 (Asura Remix) [Unreleased]
Asura – The Ocean [Unreleased]
Ana Caravelle – Blackberries / Asura Source [Unreleased]
Asura – Silver Trees / My Own Sky [Unreleased]
Asura – Hottamdas [Unreleased]
Asura – Feathers [Non Projects]
Asura – Untitled (Stop Running Away From Love) [Unreleased]

Flying Lotus – Do The Astral Plane [Warp]
SRC – Gold Coinz [Numbers]
James Fox – Put It Back [Take]

Dr Strangeloop – Intro / In The Beginning [Unreleased]
Dr Strangeloop – Utopia or Dystopia / Mining An Ancient Technology [Unreleased]
Dr Strangeloop – Zardoz Speaks / Out With The Old Gods / Breaking Its DNA Code [Unreleased]
Dr Strangeloop – Dubshapes / Parallel Processing / Neuro-tronic Automata [Unreleased]
Dr Strangeloop – Brave New Mind-Set / Consciousness Adaptation [Unreleased]
Dr Strangeloop – The New Gods / Transcendental Awakening [Unreleased]

Alex B – Talk It Out (from the LP Moments) [Elm & Oak]
Procedure – Sunshowers [Dubplate]
Kowton – Hunger [Idle Hands]

Young Montana? –
Young Montana? – Sacré Cool
American Men – Cccool World (Young Montana? Remix)
Young Montana? – Repetition
Heralds of Change – Show You (Young Montana? Remix, teaser)
Young Montana? – Hot Heathrr

Joaan – 115 State [7even]
T. Williams – Afric [Local Action Records]
Dj Q – Will I Ever Be Free [Dubplate]

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