Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 2010 03 11 Vex’d mix

“An exclusive preview of the semi-mythical lost album Cloud Seed by Vex’d. New music from Roska, Tranqill, Four Tet and Ikonika.
Coming up: ASC vs DEM HUNGER”
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Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 2010 03 11 Vex’d mix [Filesonic download]

Foals – Spanish Sahara (Mount Kimbie remix) [Dubplate]
Broken Chord – Lowe [Dubplate]
Tranqill – Chips & Cheese (from The Hidden Treasures EP) [One-Handed Music]
Four Tet – Sing (Mosca mix) [Domino]
Claro Intelecto – New Life (from the New Life EP) [Modern Love]
Take – Soul Particles [All City]
Alex B – Talk It Out (from the LP Moments) [Dubplate]
Ramadanman – Don’t Change For Me [Hessle Audio]
Roska – Concrete Jungle [Dubplate]
Sunken Foal – Southern Jewel [Dubplate]
[unknown] – Girl
Alex Smoke – Physic (from the LP Lux) [Hum & Haw]
Mr. Underhill – Dead Foot (from the Low Life EP) [Subtrakt]

Vex’d – Take Time Out (feat. Warrior Queen)
Plaid – Bar Kimura (Vex’d remix)
Vex’d – Out Of The Hills
Vex’d – Slug Trawl Depths
Vex’d – Shinju Bridge
Dakimh – Disposition (feat. Jest)
John Richards & GeNIA – Suite For Piano & Electronics (Vex’d remix)
Vex’d – Heartspace (feat. Anneka)
Vex’d – Oceans
Vex’d – Remians Of The Day
Gabriel Prokofiev & The Elysian Quartet – String Quartet No.2, (Vex’d remix)
Vex’d – Killing Floor
Vex’d – Nails

Daedelus – The Finishing of A Thing (from the LP Righteous Fists Of Harmony) [Brainfeeder]
Gonja Sufi – Kobwebz [Warp]
Ikonika – Yoshimitsu (from the LP Contact, Love, Want, Have) [Hyperdub]
Zed Bias & Steve Gurley – Roll [Dubplate]
Isaac Himself – Sea Forest Pantaloons (from the LP Tungsten Acid) []
Kyle Hall – Kaychunk [Hyperdub]
Matt-U – Double Blind [Dubplate]

Dev track – The Laughing Cow

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2 thoughts on “Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 2010 03 11 Vex’d mix”

  1. Loving the Vex’d mix. Not the kind of dubstep I usually listen to, but this sounds pretty epic!

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