Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 2009 11 12 with Ben Frost, Dimlite and DFRNT

Mary Anne Hobbs Radio 1
“We go Europe-wide this week with mixes from Iceland’s Ben Frost, Switzerland’s Dimlite and Edinburgh’s DFRNT – a mix loaded with brand new offers.

Plus tunes from Benga & Walsh, Shakleton, Sigha and a remix of a Sebastien Tellier track.

Exclusive to the Mary Anne Hobbs show: we’ve got a link to a free download of Depakote’salbum It’s Not 94 Anymore (courtesy of Thorsten at Highpoint Lowlife). Get free download.”
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Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 2009 11 12 with Ben Frost, Dimlite and DFRNT [Hotfile download]

Benga & Walsh – ‘Biscuit Factory’ (Biscuit Factory Records Dubplate)
ASC – ‘Porecelain’ (Non Plus)
Depakote – ‘Quarter Milk’ from the LP ‘It’s Not 94 Anymore’ (Highpoint Lowlife)
Illum Sphere – ‘Psycho’ from ‘Long Live The Pain’ (Fat City)
Mosca – ‘Square One’ (Night Slugs)
Shackleton – ‘Asha In The Tabernacle’ from ‘3 EPs’ (Perlon)
Willie Isz – ‘Grussle’ LV Remix (Dub)
Hektagon – ‘Old Days’ (Z Audio)
Sigha – ‘Untitled 2’ (Hotflush)

Ben Frost Mix:
Iberian Lynx – ‘Hissing’
Ben Frost – ‘Killshot’ (By The Throat Lp)
Burial – ‘Shutta’ (Ghost Hardware Ep)
David Lang – ‘Cheating, Lying, Stealing’ (Cheating, Lying, Stealing Lp)
Cloaks – ‘Oyaars’ Remix
Swans – ‘Alcohol the Seed’ (Soundtracks for the Blind Lp)
Ben Frost – ‘Peter Venkman Part II’ (By The Throat Lp)
Killer Whales Hunting Herring off the Coast of Norway
Ben Frost – ‘Through the Glass Of The Roof’ (By The Throat Lp)
The Cure – ‘The Figurehead’ (Pornography Lp)
Daníel Bjarnason – ‘Bow To String III, Air to Breath’ (Processions Lp)
A Breathing Snow Leopard
Tim Hecker – ‘Blood Rainbow’ (Harmony in Ultraviolet Lp)
The Cure – ‘Disintegration’ (Disintegration Lp)
Ben Frost – ‘Ó God Protect Me’ (By The Throat Lp)
Lions, Territorial Chanting

Dimlite Mix:
Chicago – ‘Fancy Colors’ (CBS)
Ron Geesin – ‘Electro Rhythm’ (KPM Music)
Some loop
Imp Girl – ‘Vandal C*ck’ (according to the Anagram Jam compilation) (Fat City Recordings)
Charles Earland – ‘Journey of the Soul’ (Mercury)
Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart – ‘Willie the Pimp’ (Rykodisc)
Captain Beefheart – ‘Peon’ (Reprise)
Todd Rundgren – ‘There Are No Words’ (Ampex Records)
Delia Derbyshire Moaning
Dungen – ‘Fredag’ (Subliminal Sounds)
White Magic – ‘Sun Song’ (Drag City)
Smoke – ‘Lobotomy’ (MPS Records)
Elan Tamara Mottley – ‘Oh Papa’ (white)
Bruno Spoerri – Lilith – ‘Singing In The Dark’ (Finders Keepers)
Dimlite – 8 bars of an alternate version of something unreleased
GLK – ‘Birthday Music’ (white)

DFRNT – ‘Entrance’ [dub]
Steve Fould – ‘Gentle Seduction’ (DFRNT Remix) [dub]
DFRNT – ‘Sunflower’ (Paranoise Remix) [dub]
DFRNT – ‘Sectioned’ [forthcoming Fururism Recordings]
DFRNT – ‘Rosebud’ [dub]
DFRNT – ‘Saturation’ Point [dub]
DFRNT – ‘808 State Of Mind’ [dub]

Sebastien Tellier – ‘L’Amour Et La Violence’ Floating Points Mix (Lucky Number)
D-Bridge – ‘5th Floor’ (Exit)
Ceefax Acid Crew – ‘Arcadian (Castilian II)’ from the LP ‘United Acid Emirates’ (Planet Mu)
Flotilla – ‘Behave’ (Ho Hum Records)
Reso – ‘Armoured Core’ from the ‘Tremjin EP’ (Civil Music)

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