Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2009 10 22 Lorn and Daedelus mixes

Mary Anne Hobbs Radio 1
We get a fresh mix from Lorn and a classic mix from Daedelus on this weeks Mary Anne Hobbs. Tons of wicked tunes as usual including Joy Orbison – ‘BRKLN CLLN’ which is one of my fave producers at the moment.
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Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2009 10 22 Lorn and Daedelus mixes [Hotfile download]

Madlib & Talbi Kweli – ‘Get Started’ (Stones Throw Dubplate)
Joy Orbison – ‘BRKLN CLLN’ (Doldrums Recordings)
Tokimonsta X Suzi Analog – ‘NXT MSG’ (Jazzy Sport)
Shackleton – ‘Asha In The Tabernacle’ from ‘3 EPs’ (Perlon)
Al Tourettes – ‘When I Rest, I Rust’ (Dubplate)
Paul White – ‘Trying To Tell You’ (Dubplate)
Nosaj Thing – ‘Harrison Ford’ from the LP ‘Drift’ (Alpha Pup)
Airhead – ‘Paper Street’ (Dubplate)
Kryptic Minds – ‘Stepping Stone’ from the LP ‘One Of Us’ (Swamp 81)

Daedelus mix:
Daedelus – ‘Intro’ (Unreleased)
Daedelus – ‘C’est Super’ (Unreleased)
Daedelus – ‘Bonjour’ (Fair Weather Friends EP) (Ninjatune)
Daft Punk – ‘Better, Faster, Stronger, Mixing’ (ED)
Fake Blood – ‘Mars’
Mr. V – ‘Hypnotik’
Zomby – ‘Float’
Acen – ‘Close Your Eyes’
T2 – ‘HeartBroken’
Daedelus – ‘Experience’ (Invention) (Plug Research)
Daedelus – ‘Snowed In’ (Of Snowdonia) (Plug Research)
Mr. Oizo – ‘Stunt Moustache’ (Half A Scissors)
Madvillian – ‘Accordion’ (Stones Throw)
Daedelus – ‘Make It So’ (feat. Michael Johnson) (Ninjatune)
Stone Roses – ‘I Want To Be Adored’
Sticky – ‘I’m In Love Feat. Young London’
Daedelus – ‘My Beau’ (Ninjatune)
Daedelus – ‘Jilted’ (Unreleased)
Beach Boys – ‘Don’t Worry Baby’
Depeche Mode – ‘Enjoy The Silence’
Daedelus – ‘Fair Weather Friends’ (Ninjatune)
Daedelus – ‘Far Withered Friends’ (Death Set RMX) (Ninja)
Daedelus – ‘Only For the Heart Strings’ (Ninja)
Coldcut – ‘Man In A Garage’ (Daedelus RMX) (Ninjatune)
Daedelus – ‘Like Clockwork Springs’ (Ninjatune)
Daedelus – ‘Hrs:Mins:Secs’ (Ninjatune)

Helixr – ‘Convulsions’ (7even)
Robot Kotch – ‘Away From’ (Robots Don’t Sleep)
Hudson Mohawke – ‘Gluetooth’ fromthe LP ‘Butter’ (Warp)

Lorn Mix:
Lorn – ‘Greatest Silence’ (Brainfeeder)
Lorn – ‘A Better Way’ (Unsigned)
Lorn – ‘Suicidal Thoughts’ (Unsigned)
Lorn – ‘Requiem’ (Wednesday Sound)
Lorn – ‘None an Island’ (Brainfeeder)
Lorn – ‘Tomorrow’ (Brainfeeder)
Lorn – ‘Until There Is No End’ (Unsigned)
Lorn – ‘Hounds’ (Unsigned)

Cluekid – ‘Shifty’ (Dubplate)
LV feat Dandelion – ‘Turn Away’ from the LP ‘5’ (Hyperdub)
Machine Drum – ‘911’ from the LP ‘Want To 2 1? ‘ (White Label)
Simon Scott – ‘Under Crumbling Skies’ (Miasmah)

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