Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2009 08 12 Jahbitat, Frosty and Debruit

Mary Anne Hobbs Radio 1
Mary Anne Hobbs keeps showing off new talents. This week Jahbitat, Frosty and Debruit gives us mixes. It is exciting to see so many new faces being presented by Mary Anne Hobbs.
I love the Scuba – ‘Negative’ (Naked Lunch) track, so sweet!
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Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2009 08 12 Jahbitat, Frosty and Debruit [Hotfile download]

Joy Orbison – ‘Hyph Mngo’ (Hotflush)
Break – ‘Winter Sun’ from the EP ‘Return To The Temple’ (Shogun Audio)
Blue Daisy – ‘Wolf’ (Black Acre)
Flying Lotus with Miguel Atwood-Fergueson & Carlos Nino – ‘Auntie’s Lock’ (Dubplate)
Reset – ‘Mamma’s Ghost’ [Original mix] (Architech)
Architeq feat Ilija Rudman – ‘Mind Games’ from the LP ‘Gold + Green’ (White Label)
Terror Danjah – ‘Best Crawler’ (Dubplate)
Scuba – ‘Negative’ (Naked Lunch)
Airhead & James Blake – ‘Paper Street’ (Demo)

Jahbitat in the Mix
Piramide (Jahbitat & Daniel Gutierrez) – ‘Tonada Del Tormento’ from the ‘Echo Expansion’ Compilation (Porter Records)
All Traps Set – ‘Council of Desperation’ from the ‘Council of Desperation’ 7″ (Poptones)
Narwhal – ‘Whirling Song’ (Dubplate)
Jahbitat – ‘Resonant Wood Temple’ (Dubplate)
Lucky Dragons – ‘Open Melody’ from the ‘Open Power’ EP (Teenage Teardrops)
Highlife – ‘Burying Stones’ from the ‘Highlife’ EP (New High)
Animal Collective – ‘Daily Routine’ [Phaseone Remix] (Dublate)
Flying Lotus – ‘Auntie’s Lock / Infinitum’ [Dimlite’s Re-finitum] (Ehstrawlogy)
Mr. Cooper – ‘Inertia’ [Piramide Remix] from the ‘Inertia’ EP (Project Mooncircle)

Debruit in the Mix
Debruit – ‘KO Debout’
Debruit – ‘Like D’s Bees’
Debruit – ‘Youyous’
Debruit – ‘Echtah’
Debruit – ‘Pointy’
Debruit – ‘I’m Goin Wit You Feat Om’mas Keith’

Frosty in the Mix
The Beach Boys – ‘Be Still’ – Friends (Capitol)
Build an Ark – ‘In Her Smile [Daedelus Remix]’ [Dawn Remixes] (Kindred Spirits)
Flying Lotus with the Life Force Trio – ‘Auntie’s Lock’ – Dubplate (Brainfeeder)
Electric Egypt – ‘Kundalini’ (Impressions of the Inexpressible Invisible)
Javelin ‘#19’ – ‘Dollar Bins Of The Future’
Caju E Castanha – ‘Untitled’
Luciano Perrone E Seus Ritmistas Brasilieros – ‘Sorongo (the Sound of Bamboos) Batucada Fantastica Vol. III’ (RCA)
Golden Hits – ‘Live on KXLU’s Glossolalia (06.10.09)’ (Unreleased Live Radio Session)
Budu – ‘Mbo II’ [On the Edge of the Ituri Forest: Northeastern Belgian Congo 1952] (Sharp Wood Records)
Dick Mills – ‘Ascending Asteroids’ [Sound Effects for the 21st Century] (BBC Records & Tapes)
Teengirl Fantasy – ‘Portofino’ [Dublab Presents…In The Loop #5’ (Anticon)
Teebs – ‘Felt Tip’ (Dubplate)
Henry Jacobs – ‘Sounds for Radio’ [The Wide Weird World of Henry Jacobs] (Important Records)
Kutmah – ‘Now It’s Over Part 2’ (Dubplate)

Truth – ‘Amnesia’ (Dubplate)
Airhead & James Blake – ‘Pembroke’ (Demo)
Dak – ‘Spread’ (Leaving)
Guido – ‘Charkra’ (Punch Drunk)
Goth Trad – ‘Dark Path’ (Deep Medi)
Greena – ‘Tenzado’ (Apple Pips Dubplate)

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