Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2009 01 28 with John Tejada vs Frequency 7

We get two mixes from John Tejada and Frequency 7 (Surgeon and Ben Sims) on this weeks Mary Anne Hobbs.
I’m loving the Frequency 7 mix 🙂
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Mary Anne Hobbs – 2009 01 28 with John Tejada vs Frequency 7 [Filesonic download]

Bullion – ‘Rude Effort’ Paul White mix (One Handed Music)
2000F & JKamata – ‘You Don’t Know What Love Is’ (Hyperdub)
Wiley – ‘Off The Radar’ (Dubplate)
Martyn – ‘Hear Me’ from the LP ‘Great Lengths’ (3024)
Raffertie – ‘Wobble Horror’ (Seclusiasis)
UltraBlack – ‘Velo Riddim’ (Nu Urban)
Low Limit – ‘Where You Been’ (Dubplate)
Synkro – ‘My Own World’ [Vocal Mix] (Mindset)
Starkey – ‘Creature’ (Dubplate)
Durrty Goodz – ‘Destruction’ from the ‘Ultrasound EP’ (Dubplate)
Wedge & Aesoteric – ‘Detached Reality’ (Dubplate)
Ben Klock – ‘Coney Island’ from the album ‘One’ (Ostgut Ton)

John Tejada in the Mix
African Nightflight – ‘Make Up Your Mind’ [Germ’s Prolonged Illness Mix] (Ill Records)
Ø – ‘Atomit’ [Niels Bohr Edit] (Pi Recordings)
Klockworks – ‘Pulse’ (Klockworks)
Tadeo – ‘Reflection Nebula 056n’ [Substance Remix] (Apnea)
Klattermax – ‘Spaceville’ (Source Records)
Sun Electric – ‘O’locco’ [Beyond] (R&S)
Miss Kittin – ‘Grace’ [Sleeparchive Remix] (Nobody’s Bizzness)
Radioslave – ‘Tantakatan’ [The Drunken Shed Mix] (Rekids)
Justin Maxwell – ‘The Windey Man’ (Palette Recordings)

Visage – ‘Frequency 7’ (White label)

Frequency 7 in the Mix
Mikey Dread –‘Dread at the Controls’ [Sample]
Lost – ‘The Gonzo’
The Big Showdown –‘Give Ya/Version’
Kevin Saunderson – ‘Rock to the Beat’ [Ben Sims Remix]
Breakage – ‘The Shrowd’
Phase – ‘Morodem’ [Ben Sims Remix 2]
Luke Slater – ‘Stomp’
Sound Stream – ‘Life Goes On’ [Ben Sims Edit]
DJ Nasty –‘Down Low’ [Acapella]
Point B – ‘Creepy Steeple’
Forward Strategy – ‘Group’ (Applied Generics)
Nucleus+Paradox –‘Dilettantes’
Subtractive Synthesis – ‘Police’
2 Men On Wax – ‘O Zone’
Deepchord – ‘Electromagnetic Dowsing’ (The Final Step)
Marlinspike – ‘Bongo Rocka’
Nucleus+Paradox – ‘Arcane’
Sound Stream –‘Rainmaker’ [Ben Sims edit]
Rhythm + Sound w/ The Chosen Brothers – ‘Mash Down Babylon’
Redshape –‘Ultra’
Syncom Data – ‘Beyond The Stars’ [Speedy J Remix]
Scuba. – ‘Ruptured’ [Surgeon Remix]
RSD – ‘Over It’
Jeff Mills – ‘Alpha Centauri’ [Ben Sims edit]
Meat Beat Manifesto – ‘Radio Babylon’
Mike Dehnert – ‘Black Smoke’
Mikey Dread –‘Is That A Turntable’ [Sample]

Shed – ‘Another Wedged Chicken’ [Martyn 131 mix] (Ostgut Ton)
Taz Buckfaster – ’28 Guns’ (Dubplate)
Mark Pritchard – ‘?’ (Ho Hum)

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