Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2008 10 22 LD vs Pangaea vs Clouds

Mary Anne Hobbs is back this week with another lovely show! We get served 3 nice dubstep mixes from LD, Pangaea and Clouds. MAH = overdose of good music 🙂
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Mary Anne Hobbs – LD vs Pangaea vs Clouds [Filesonic download]

Murcof – ‘A Lesson For The Future, Farewell To The Old Ways’ from the EP ‘The Versailles Sessions’ (Leaf)
Leif – ‘Black Magic’ (Stay High mix) (Dubplate)
Madlib – ‘Lifetime (Lifeline)’ from ‘The Beat Konducta EP, Vol 6: Dil Withers Suite’ (Stones Throw)
Joker – ‘Do It!’ (Dubplate)
Third Eye – ‘Rebuilt In 3 Days’ from the LP ‘Imagine Being Jesus And Not Knowing It’ (White)
Subeena – ‘Boksd’ (Dubplate)
Scratch Perverts & Dynamite MC – ‘Warning’ (Dubplate)
RSD – ‘Forward Youth’ (Tectonic)

** Special Announcement – Bristol: Rise Up on 2nd December **

Polar – ‘3 Liter’ from the LP ‘In The End’ (Warm Communications)

** L.D. vs Pangaea vs Clouds **

L.D. mix
Cluekid Vs L.D. – ‘The Intro’ (Ringo Records)
Benga Vs L.D. – ‘Yes Yes’ (Ringo Records)
L.D. – ‘Green Ranger’ (2nd Drop Records)
Kode 9 Vs L.D. – ‘Bad’ (Hyperdub)
Benga Vs L.D. – ‘3 Phase’ (Ringo Records)
Cluekid Vs L.D. – ‘Not Going 2 Cry’ (Bullfrog Beats)
L.D. – ‘Wood Block’ (Dubplate)
L.D. – ‘Oh Yeah’ (Dubplate)
L.D. – ‘Do You Mind’ (Dubplate)
L.D. – ‘Piece In Our Culture’ (Dub Police)

Pangaea mix
Pangaea – ‘Bear Witness’ (Unreleased)
Pangaea – ‘You & I’ (Hessle Audio)
Pearson Sound – ‘Gambetta’ (Unreleased)
Pangaea – ‘Mosaix’ (Unreleased)
Unknown – ‘Unknown’ (Unreleased)
Pangaea – ‘Router’ (Hessle Audio)
Untold – ‘I Can’t Stop This Feeling’ (Unreleased)
Pangaea – ‘Memories’ (Unreleased)

Clouds mix
Clouds – ‘Intro (Peek-A-Boo)’
Clouds – ‘Four Hands’
Clouds – ‘You Got To My Head’
Clouds – ‘Era Of Blackholes Part 2’
Ponytail – ‘Atlantis’
Ponytail – ‘Good Old Wasted Time’
Clouds – ‘Era Of Blackholes Part 1’
Clouds – ‘Protecting Hands Part 2’ (Isan Remix)

Sunken Foal – ‘On Platinum Rays’ (Planet Mu)
Ramadanman – ‘Humber’ (Applepips Dub)
Unbalanced Jack – ‘Swollen Jeep VIP’ (Dubplate)
Magnetic Man – ‘Cyberman’ (Dubplate)
Kulture – ‘Mako Energy’ (Dubplate)

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