Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2008 10 08 with Lazer Sword

A mix from Lazer Sword on this weeks Mary Anne Hobbs show.
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Mary Anne Hobbs with Lazer Sword [Filesonic download]

Stacey Epps – ‘Miuzik’ (White Label)
Silkie – ‘Sky’s The Limit’ (Deep Medi)
Mike Slott – ’23 Halves’ (Dubplate)
Virus Syndicate – ‘Be Like Us’ from the LP ‘Sick Pay’ (Planet Mu)
Scuba – ‘Twitch’ Jamie Vex’d mix from ‘A Mutual Antipathy’ remixes (Hotflush)
Radiohead – ‘Reckoner’ Fly Lo mix (Dubplate)
F – ‘Phase One’ (7even Recordings)
Piddy Py – ‘Prickly Rose’ (Dress 2 Sweat)
Geeneus feat. Rico, Wiley & Breeze – ‘Knife and Guns’ Blackdown remix (Keysound)
Semi Square & Nomad – ‘Island Life’ (Dubplate)
Shackleton – ‘The Rope Tightens’ Badawi mix (Skull Disco)
LV & Errol Bellot – ‘Don’t Judge’ (Dubplate)
Scorn – ‘Super Mantis’ Elemental remix (Combat)
Heny G – ‘Colours’ (3.5 Records)

*** Lazer Sword Exclusive Mix ***
Simian Mobile Disco – ‘Scott’ (Interscope)
Ghosts On Tape – ‘Chrome Dog’ (Unreleased)
Para One – ‘Dun Dun (Mofomatronix Re-Edit)’ (Unreleased)
Zomby – ‘Strange Fruit’ (Ramp)
Salva – ‘American Grime’ (Frite Nite)
Lazer Sword – ‘Gucci Sweatshirt’ (Unreleased)
Lazer Sword – ‘Mystery Blap #1’ (Unreleased Edit)
Machinedrum – ‘Take A Chance’ (Normrex)
Low Limit – ‘Inspirational Jumpsuit’ (Unreleased Edit)
Lazer Sword – ‘Mystery Blap #2’ (Unreleased Edit)
Lemonade – ‘Realslime (Lazer Sword Remix)’ (Unreleased Edit)
Lazer Sword – ‘Youth Crack’ (Unreleased)
Mr. Oizo – ‘Z’ (Ed Banger)
Jackson And His Computer Band – ‘Untitled’ w/ The Team ‘Hyphy Juice’ (Unreleased)
Lazer Sword – ‘Jet Black’ (Unreleased)
Lazer Sword – ‘Mystery Blap #3’ (Unreleased Edit)
Haiku D – ‘Etat’ Mike, Aaron, and Eddy (Boreta Remix) (Unreleased)
Lorn – ‘Automaton‘ (Unreleased)
Lando Kal – ‘Mystery Blap #4’ w/ Traxamillion Ft. Husulah, San Quinn, and The Jacka ‘From The Hood’ (Unreleased)

LD – ‘Oh Yeah’ (Dubplate)
Monolake – ‘Cern’ (free download)
The Long Lost – ‘Woebegone’ Flying Lotus mix (Ninja)
Kromestar – ‘Medieval Warrior’ (Dubplate)
Brackles – ‘Glazed’ (Berkane Sol)
Guido featuring Aarya & Ruthless – ‘Beautiful Complication’ (Dubplate)
Squarepusher – ‘The Coat Hanger’ (Warp)

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