Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2008 05 21 with Dub Police

The Dub Police label is guesting Mary Anne Hobbs so be prepared for massive doses of dubstep from Caspa, Orien, The Others, Unitz, and MC Rod Azlan as grime MC.
Favorite track for me this week is The Bug feat. Ricky Rankin – ‘Murder We’ from the LP ‘London Zoo’ (Ninja).

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental with Dub Police [Filesonic download]

Plastician & Skepta – ‘Intensive Snare’ from the ‘Steppa’s Delight Compilation’ (Soul Jazz)
Starkey – ‘Gutter Music’ (Dubplate)
Flying Lotus featuring Gonja Sufi – ‘Testament’ from the LP ‘Los Angeles’ (Warp)
2652 – ‘Enforcers’ from the LP ‘Ariel’ (Tectonic)
The Bug feat. Ricky Rankin – ‘Murder We’ from the LP ‘London Zoo’ (Ninja)
Skream – ‘Filth’ (Dubplate)

Caspa Interview

Dub Police live session feat:
Caspa,The Others, Unitz, Orien and MC Rod Azlan

Lennie Di Ice- ‘We Are I.E.’ Caspa & Rustie Remix (Dubplate)
Caspa – ‘Low Blow’ (Dubplate)
Caspa – ‘Louder VIP’ (Dubplate)
Caspa – ‘Marmite’ (Dubplate)
Caspa – ‘My Pet Monster’ (Dubplate)
TC – ‘Where’s My Money’ (Caspa Remix) (DSR)
Rusko – ‘Cockney Thug’ (Caspa Remix) (Sub Soldiers)
Caspa & Rusko – ‘ Power Shower’ (Dubplate)

The Others
The Others – ‘Africa VIP’ (Dub Police)
Subscape – ‘Tomahawk’ (Dub Police)
The Others – ‘ Superskank’ (Dubplate)
The Others – ‘ Bazooka’ (Dubplate)
The Others – ‘Robofunk’ (Dubplate)
The Others – ‘Champagne Cocktails’ (Dub Police)
The Others – ‘Kind of Blue’ (Dub Police)

Unitz – ‘Bass Layers’ (Dub Police)
Unitz – ‘Scary Mary’ (Dub Police)
Unitz – ‘Wait a Minute’ (Dub Police)
Unitz – ‘The Drop’ (Dub Police)
Unitz – ‘Juggler’ (Dubplate)
Unitz – ‘New Years’ (Dubplate)
Unitz – ‘Light In A Distance’ (Dubplate)

Orien – Unsettled Graves (Dubplate)
Orien – ‘Look At My Eyes’ (Dub Police)
Orien – ‘Nickers’ (Dubplate)
Orien – ‘Witch Doctor’ (Dubplate)
Orien – ‘Doomed Soul’ (Dubplate)
Orien – ‘The Demented’ (Dubplate)
Orien – ‘Early Morning Sunrise’ (Dub Police)

Ital Tek – ‘Bloodline’ from the LP ‘Cyclical’ (Planet Mu)
Silent Witness & Break – ‘Dog Soldier’ from the compilation ‘Hard Times’ (DNAudio)
LD – ‘Green Ranger’ (2nd Drop)
Tor – ‘Black Girls’ (Pinch Of Salt)
Jakes – ‘Light Beamz’ (Dubplate)
Unknown ‘Only Human’ (Dubplate)
Sub Swara – ‘In’shala’ (Dubplate)
Sukh Knight & Ges-e – ‘Vengeance’ (Nasha Dubplate)

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