Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2008 03 25 with Shackleton

This week on Mary Anne Hobbs there is a repeat of the Shackleton mix from November 2007 and some news about line up of Sonar festival 2008.
Fave tunes this week are Badawi vs Kode 9 – ‘Den Of Drumz’ (Roir) and Amit – ‘Propaganda’ – (Commercial Suicide).
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Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2008 03 25 with Shackleton [Filesonic download]

Unitz – ‘The Drop’ (Dubplate)
Amit – ‘Propaganda’ – (Commercial Suicide)
Ghetto – ‘Mountain’ (Dubplate)
Badawi vs Kode 9 – ‘Den Of Drumz’ (Roir)
Pattie Blingh & The Akebulan Five – ‘Brother: The Point’ 2562 remix (Ramp)
The Tape vs RQM – ‘Luvely’ Chris De Luca G-Whstile remix
Overcast Radio – ‘Honky Paradise’ (Dubplate)
Look ahead to Sonar 2008
Shackleton feat. Tenfold Vengeance – ‘The Rope Tightens’ (Skull Disco)
Flying Lotus – ‘Beginner’s Falafel’ (Warp)
Mala – ‘Changes’ (DMZ)
T Polar – ‘Six Of Stealths’ (Digital pre-release)
Clouds – ‘Protecting Hands Part 2’ (Dubplate)
Wiley – ‘Local Lad’ (Dubplate)

Shackleton Mix
Shackleton featuring Tenfold Vengeance ‘The Rope Tightens (Skull Disco)
Shackleton – ‘In The Void’ (Skull Disco)
Shackleton featuring Tenfold Vengeance – ‘The Branch Is Weak’ (Skull Disco)
Shackleton – ‘Satan Is In The Labyrinth’ (Skull Disco)
Shackleton – ‘Death Is Not Final’ (Skull Disco)

Scorn – ‘Snag’ from the LP ‘Stealth’ (Ohm Resistance)
King Cannibal – ‘Arigami Style’ (Dubplate)
Natasja – ‘Idlebrand I Byen’ 2000F mix (Kraken)
Magnetic Man – ‘Ligma’ (Dubplate)
Sunken Foal – ‘Colloidal Silver’ (White Label)
Wedge – ‘Inner Mind’ (3.5 Recordings Dubplate)
Forsaken – ‘Fighting Spirit’ (Immerse Dubplate )

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