Mary Anne Hobbs – 6 Music Recommends 2014-03-06

Several interesting tunes this week including from Lapalux and Airhead.
“Beautiful new music of every texture, colour and origin.”
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Mary Anne Hobbs – 6 Music Recommends 2014-03-06 [ download] [ download]

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Mary Anne Hobbs on 6 Music

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1 thought on “Mary Anne Hobbs – 6 Music Recommends 2014-03-06”

  1. What a great episode!
    For those who, like me, were wondering it the presenter of each 6 Music Recommends show makes a difference or whether they all have to follow the same concept: the selections are definitely down to the individual presenters. This one is all MAH, a lot of soulful electronica; there’s much noise and rawness in Tom Ravenscroft’s episodes, etc.

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