MARRØN – Resident Advisor podcast #786 2021-06-28

“Vital techno from Amsterdam.
MARRØN is the kind of DJ we love to feature in this mix series: someone who holds down their local scene week in and week out, someone who makes a difference. As a cofounder of the day-into-night Sunday Eerste Communie party, the Amsterdam-based DJ has been essential in providing a safe space for all kinds of people to enjoy techno—a self-described “holy day” away from the city’s usual nightlife hotspots, taking place at the intimate Garage Noord on the city’s North side. The party describes itself as a “judgmental free atmosphere,” and MARRØN himself has said that it’s all about “the purest form of techno,” which gives you a good idea of what his parties, and his sets, sound like.
The other thing that MARRØN emphasizes about his parties is sound quality (you’ll see this mentioned in almost every interview he does, and every Eerste Communie event listing). It’s partly because the style of techno he plays is detailed, glimmering and sleek, the kind where every nuance is meant to be felt and heard, not just pummeling you on the dance floor. He plays the kind of techno where melodic leads scurry across the stereo spectrum, where flashes of melody and colour light up an otherwise greyscale landscape. It’s techno that never sits still, groovy but adventurous, alive and dynamic, the kind of techno that encourages you to keep dancing with every new shift or new synth chord. He speaks often about “consistency,” and while his sets are steady-handed and smooth, it’s the moments where things flicker and change that are the most exciting.
“To me, this uptempo, rhythmic style of techno is a style that’s timeless,” he said in an interview with Glamcult.”Music that can be played in the afternoon or as a closing slot without getting bored of it.””
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