Machinedrum – HÖR Berlin 2023-08-11

Machinedrum, also known as Travis Stewart, is an American electronic music producer and musician renowned for his genre-defying approach and innovative soundscapes. Hailing from North Carolina, Machinedrum has left an indelible mark on the music scene with his unique blend of electronic genres such as IDM, jungle, bass music, and more. His tracks are characterized by intricate drum patterns, lush melodies, and experimental textures, often pushing the boundaries of electronic music production. Machinedrum has released music on prestigious labels like Ninja Tune and Planet Mu, and his album “Vapor City” garnered critical acclaim for its futuristic and immersive concept. As a live performer, Machinedrum captivates audiences with his energetic and genre-blurring sets, creating a dynamic connection between himself and the crowd. With his constant evolution and pioneering spirit, Machinedrum continues to be a driving force in the electronic music landscape, inspiring fellow artists and pushing sonic boundaries.

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