In New 1Xtra DJs We Trust Footloose 2009-11-09 – with Aphrodisiax and Twista

“Funky, deep, bassline and soulful with Footloose in the house!” We gonna party hard! I must admit that I love UK house after experiencing UK funky on the dance floor with lots of girls 🙂
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In New 1Xtra DJs We Trust Footloose 2009-11-09 – with Aphrodisiax and Twista [Hotfile download]

Uche — Get Low (Special)
Miss Fire — Can’t Say No
Arrowmac — Intruder
Lady Marga — The Sweeper Anthem
Illmana — Ready Fi Di War (feat Sophia)
Sony — Funkadelic
Mr M — Dashed Out
Marc Ambiance — Raindance (feat Mighty Mille& Metho Unique)
Bassjackers — Klambu
Spoonface — The Face
Screamer — Jump In The Air (feat Slick Don)
Major Notes — Friend of Mine (feat Mellody)
Soul Mekanikz — Be Good To Me
Geeneus — Good Life (feat Katy B)
Tia May — Sweet Love

Producer Focus – Aphrodisiax
Aphrodisiax — Miss Mischeivous feat Mr Jimi and The Illersapiens
Al — In You
Sunday Roast — Way Back
[unknown] — Let It Rain
Da Melo — Fat Burner EP
Avengers of the Deep — Free Your Mind
Trinity Skys — Closer
Timmy Vegas & Tim Phin — Ready For Love (feat Abigail Bailey)
Radford — You Gotta Live Your Lif e (feat Thomas Jules Stock) (Fish Go Deep Remix)
Layabouts & Kathy Brown — Choices (Jovonn Remix)
Aly-Us — Follow Me (Mauritzio Remix)
Brasstooth — Celebrate Life (Footloose Remix)
Michel Cleis — Mezcla (feat Toto La Mompsina) (Copyright Remix)
Riskgo — Be My Baby (Undisputed Mix) (LIVE)
Riskgo — Feel Like Funky
Maxwell D — Blackberry Hype (Hardhouse Remix)
Mark Ambience — Searching (feat Jay Meldoy and Dogtanian)

Twista Guest Mix
Barber Bizzle — Do You Feel The Same (feat Miss Fire)(Special)
Crazy Cousinz — Sonar
Fuzzy Logik– In The Morning (Lil Silva Remix) ()
Champion — Tribal Affair
Footsteps ft A.l — Tell Me (Special)
Crazy Cousinz — You’ll Always Be My Baby
Gracious K — Migraine Skank Remix
Crazy Cousinz — Salute To The Funky (feat Mc Versatile & The Funky Allstars)
Geeneus — Crackish
Black Coffee — Turn Me On
Lil Silva — Get Down (Special)
Funky Faz– Feeling Shy (feat Savannah)
Champion — Motherboard
DJ Naughty– Falling (feat H20 & Miss Fire) (Special)
Ill Blu — Blu Magic (Special)
Iron Collosus — Escape (Special)
Jam D ft Banton Mc & Mista Monts — Music Is Da Answer (Special)
Alicia Keys — Diary (Metric Moses Remix)
Ryan De La Cruz — Smile

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