Goldie – Resident Advisor podcast #905 2023-10-09

“For our 905th RA Podcast, we’re proud to welcome Goldie, one of the most famous, talented and important electronic music artists of all time. Starting out as a graffiti artist, he eventually made music under the name Rufige Kru, helping push the then-nascent genre of jungle forward with tracks like “Krisp Biscuit (Power)” and “Terminator.” The latter was released under the name Metalheads, which would later become the name of his label (with a z instead of an s). Metalheadz—which he cofounded with DJ Storm and the late Kemistry—celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and remains the defining outlet of drum & bass, the genre that grew out of jungle that Goldie helped invent with records like 1995’s massive crossover album Timeless (alongside countless other classics). He’s a producer, DJ, actor and all-around celebrity, a huge personality in UK electronic music.
Goldie is also RA’s guest curator this month, and his tenure starts with this mix. We’ll have more to come starting this week—check our editor’s letter later today for more information—but for now, here’s a survey of drum & bass past and present from a man who helped invent the genre. With plenty of new Metalheadz material plus a healthy dose of older tracks, these two hours lay out the history of Metalheadz, drum & bass and its various subgenres, from twinkling liquid to rumbling techste”
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