Gilles Peterson Worldwide – International edition #998 2016-05-20 All Winners

Here is this weeks International edition of the Gilles Peterson Worldwide show, #998 according to the scene release. This two hour show is syndicated to different radio stations.
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Gilles Peterson Worldwide – International edition #998 2016-05-20 All Winners [ download] [ download] [ download] [Get Premium for unlimited downloads]

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Gilles Peterson Worldwide - International edition #949 2015-06-06 Worldwide Family Mixtape from The Revenge

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4 thoughts on “Gilles Peterson Worldwide – International edition #998 2016-05-20 All Winners”

  1. Indeed, I checked them both out and they’re different shows. I was afraid for a moment that there are two international series and I had been missing two hours of GP per week all along =D but I think I figured it out.

    It seems that Radio Nova are occasionally falling behind on airing GPWW shows and then skip some episodes to catch up. The tracklist for the show in this post shows up on the German Radio X website as episode #999 for May 20th. I can’t find this episode in the Radio Nova archive at all. The other show I mentioned, that aired on May 21st over on Nova, is actually #998, which aired on Radio X on May 13th. However, *this* weekend’s show on Nova was #1000, skippin #999 altogether, so they are once again synchronised with Radio X airings.

    1. Thanks a lot Daniel!
      It is a bit hard to keep track of the International shows.

      A bit bummed that I missed that it actually was the 1000th show!

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