Gilles Peterson Worldwide 2011-07-06 David Rodigan special

“David Rodigan is Gilles’ special studio guest this week. They discuss Bob Marley, the history of Reggae, dubplate culture and the effects of the digital revolution on the sound. Plus, Rodigan talks about his classic clashes in New York and JA, as well as bringing a couple of his classic dubs with him. And for the final half hour, both selectors go head to head in a clash of their own!”
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Gilles Peterson Worldwide 2011-07-06 David Rodigan special [Filesonic]

Gilles Peterson Worldwide 2011-07-06 David Rodigan special
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13 thoughts on “Gilles Peterson Worldwide 2011-07-06 David Rodigan special”

  1. The first few times I attempted to dl I would get about a 16 kb file and it would display an error message. I am attempting a dl right now and it has frozen at 106 of 184mb and has moved for over ten minutes. I think it froze again.

  2. @Jeremy – Try clearing your cookies then try again. I had problems with Filesonic a while back which stopped after I cleared cookies. If you’re using Firefox, you can do it just for that one site.

  3. It’s my pleasure to be able to give something back to this excellent site 🙂

    Thanks for this upload, btw; I really enjoyed it. My 8-month-old son and I listened to it this afternoon and I think he liked it too.

  4. I’m having trouble downloading this? I’ve tried clearing cookies like Steveeeee mentioned…but no luck?! It keeps coming up with error msg: “Download Error: Free users may only download 1 file at a time.” But I’ve not downloaded anything yet? I’m using Firefox 3.6.

    Saw Rodigan at Worldwide Festival and he was amazing…need to get a hold of this big time! Thanks

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