Gilles Peterson 2009-06-11 – Worldwide – Strings, Things and Cinematic Voices

This weeks Gilles Peterson Wordlwide show is called “Strings, Things and Cinematic Voices”. Tons of nice world music!
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Gilles Peterson 2009-06-11 – Worldwide – Strings, Things and Cinematic Voices [Filesonic download]

Cinematic 1
Serge Gainsbourg – ‘Requiem Pour Un Con’ (Polydor)
Jacques Loussier – ‘Clara’s Jerk’ (Decca)
Grupo Los Voyi – ‘El Fino’ (Egrem)
Vigon – ‘Frozen Steak Popcorn’ (Vadim)
Ivor Slaney – ‘Orgasmic Stripper’ (MYM)
Eric Frommond – ‘Hysterie’ (Editions Montparnasse)
Francois De Roubaix – ‘Repetition’ (Vadim)
Long Jon – ‘Descarga Confusa’ (Test)
Pete Thomas – ‘Stars and Rockets’ (Talkin Loud)
Pat Williams – ‘And On The 6th Day’ (Capitol)
Slide Hampton – ‘Maria’ (Atlantic)
Gianni Ferio – ‘The Mess’ (Sag)
Michel Legrand – ‘Come Ray And Come Charles’ (Polydor)
Errol Parker – ‘Des Garcons et Des Filles’ (Decca)
Richard de Bordeau – ‘La Drogue’ (Vadim)
Nino Nardini – ‘Tropicalia’ (Jazzman)

Cinematic 2
Synergy – ‘Legacy’ (Passport)
Roy Haynes – ‘I’m So High’ (Horo)
Piero Umiliani – ‘Essere Dona’ (Omicron)
Farlocco – ‘Depressione’ (Rotary)
Emanative – ‘Invaderlude’ (Futuristica)
Rino Di Filippi – ‘Nevrostasi’ (Edi Pan)
Kan Digor – ‘Black Poher’ (Nevenoe)
Sun Ra – We Travel The Spaceways’ (Evidence)
Piero Umiliani – ‘Caravan’ (Horo)
Kameleon – ‘Orkestergraven’ (Amar)
The Flasher – ‘Sour Soul’ (Greene Bottle)
Catharsis – ‘Styx’ (Sonopresse)
Projecto 3 – ‘Arabian Things’ (Equipe)
Hugo Fattoruso – ‘Tuyo’ (Somdagente)
Toni Esposito – ‘L’erde Di Plastica’ (Numero Uno)

Cinematic 3
Freedom Orchestra – ‘Rush’ (Bongo)
Jordi Sabates – ‘Allegro Ma Non Presto’ (Edigsa)
Egberto Gismonti’ – ‘Encontro No Bar’ (Odeon)
Claude Nougaro – ‘Bidonville’ (Vadim)
Quinteto Villa Lobos/Luizinho Eca – ‘Reflexos’ (Odeon)
Atonio Carlos Jobim – ‘Boto’ (Warner Bros)
Tuung – ‘A Tale From Black’ (Static Caravan)
Zinger – ‘Going Downstairs’ (Red Egypt)
Pierro Piccioni – Il Bikini’ (United Artists)

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  1. Thanks for the link…..I have no idea how people like you upload files like that (it’s taken me 3 hours to figure how to download it) but I’m eternally gateful & you’ve put a big smile on my face!


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