Geiom – Electronic Explorations mix

Geiom is probably one of the first artists that made me open my ears to music beyond dubstep (post-dubstep if you want) and eventually into house. Here is his excellent mix that he did for the awesome Electronic Explorations podcast. This file is a full version of the mix and is cut from the rest of the show so you can enjoy by itself.
Also check out his FACT Mix from 2009.

Geiom – Electronic Explorations mix [Filesonic]

01. Rhythmatic – Demons (Network) 1990
02. Cassie – U and Me Brackles rmx (Local Action) 2010
03. Vincenzo and Duffer Swift – Stampede Behaviour (Raw Elements) 1996
04. Geiom – Pucker lips (Unreleased) 2011
05. Zed Bias MJ Cole – Big In The Game (Prolific) 2009
06. Littlefoot – Planet October (Well Rounded) 2011
07. Dj Sneak – Call Me (Magnetic) 2004
08. Lemonade – Lifted – Shortstuff rmx (Tru Panther) 2010
09. DJ Mark Flash – Sao Paulo (Underground Resistance) 2008
10. Geiom – Ist es Reem? (Unreleased) 2010
11. Hizatron – Now Then Boris (Wigflex) 2009
12. Geiom feat: Terrible Shock – Two Four Six (Unreleased) 2011
13. Deekline and Tubby – Coming Again (White) 2001
14. Swindle – Who’s Quicker? 2011
15. Missy Elliot – Click Clack (Atlantic) 2005
16. Africa Hitech – Caveman Style (Warp) 2011
17. Rude Kid – Jack Daniels (No Hats No Hoods) 2010
18. Geiom – Luso Slate (Unreleased) 2011
19. Instra:mental – Futurist (Naked Lunch) 2008
20. Submerse + Resketch – Only (Well Rounded) 2010

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2 thoughts on “Geiom – Electronic Explorations mix”

  1. You’re right, Thomas! And, yes, ‘Electronic Explorations’ is a great podcast.

    I have a jazz background and a deep love of electronica, and I really love some of the experimental stuff he plays on there.
    His recent mix 168 was great, when he dropped Perc’s brand new remix of Xhin’s ” Insides”.
    So, incredibly DEEP for all the Technoheads out there. It’s at around 1:18:00 for those who wanna listen. 😀

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