Fckdsko @ Johnny Fiesta’s, Las Lajas, Panama

It is time for a deep house set from a Colorado DJ called Fckdsko. Fckdsko made this mix on the beach in Las Lajas, Panama at a hostel/bar named Johnny Fiesta’s. In this mix he has used a portable controllerism setup that consists of an Aturia MiniLab II, a Korg nanoKontrol2 and an ESI Maya44 USB soundcard as a way to travel to Latin America, and perform and produce without worrying about bringing thousands of dollars in equipment. Fckdsko hopes this is a way to inspire others to do the same thing.

You can read more about the portable DJ setup and his time on the beach at www.fckdsko.net/blog-1/sonic-nomadism-pt-1.

Fckdsko also released this in conjuction with his debut EP, titled Totality, which can be found here:

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