DJ Pitch – Resident Advisor podcast #797 2021-09-13

“Club bangers of all stripes.
The many hats of Robert Venning, the London-based artist better known as DJ Pitch, include DJ, producer, label manager, A&R and promoter. (He’s also on his way to becoming a qualified architect.) But what really drives him is building communities through music, being the glue between people with shared tastes and talents. His labels TT and All Centre—which he co-runs with Gribs and Simkin respectively—are home to spellbinding records by a network of like-minded artists, many of whom had never released music before. Venning relishes giving people a chance. In this era of fractured online existence and rampant individualism, his humble, behind-the-scenes approach is exactly what the scene needs.
On RA.797, Venning steps out of the shadows and into the spotlight. This two-hour mix—twice as long as his usual club sets—is DJ Pitch turned up to 11, with classics and cheeky edits alongside a wealth of music, some of it unreleased, by the artists in his orbit. There’s also new music of his own, including the world premiere of a UK garage remix of “Seven Nation Army.” Does he pull it off? Dive in and find out.”
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