4 thoughts on “Cosmin TRG live at Sonar Festival, Sonar Dôme, Barcelona – 2011”

  1. you still dont have permission to post them

    It’s about time to get familiar with Cosmin TRG’s very own definition of ‘hitek house’. Whether it’s drum ‘n’ bass, dubstep, future garage, or twisted techno – the Bucharest native has been Romania’s riddim grinder no. 1 for years. Releasing on Rush Hour, Hemlock, 50Weapons, Hotflush, Tempa, and a whole bunch of other hotly tipped labels, the excitement around him has grown steadily, since he kickstarted Pearson Sound’s Hessle Audio label back in 2007. These days, you can hear Martyn and Mary Anne Hobbs championing his dubs, and the likes of Aardvarck, Moderat, and Night Slugs keep requesting the remix treatment from Cosmin. And with a new live show as well as his full-length debut album on the horizon, the future looks even brighter for this now Berlin resident. Twice the preshah, dubble the fun!

    recorded live from 19:10 h – 20:10 h

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