Core News status

We got a new demanding job in real life that takes a lot of our time. In addition to having two small children, there is not much free time for Core News.

Apologies for the lack of posts, but we hope to come back stronger on a later stage. For now the posts will come more infrequent and there might be some delays.


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7 thoughts on “Core News status”

  1. Can you please upload the missing “Chillest Show with Sian”? Good luck with the parenting, it’s a huge bliss and a struggle at the same <3

  2. No worries! This has been an amazing resource for me and my friends and truly appreciate what you’ve made here!!

    We’re patient and willing to wait. Family *always* comes first!!!


  3. I have 2 kids myself and don’t make it out to see DJs very often anymore. Appreciate all the efforts you make to keep us electronic music fans plugged into new sounds and artists!

  4. All the best wishes. I imagine how it is, we are in the same struggle. We appreciate what you do here a lot

  5. I figured you got busy as the little one’s are getting older. All good & understood! We appreciate you doing this for as long as you’ve had time for it. 🙂

    Take the pictures & videos of your kids to remember always, enjoy time with your family and new job.

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