Chloé Caillet – Essential Mix 2023-07-29

“Ibiza resident Chloé Caillet takes over the Essential Mix turntables.
“Pinching myself at this one, but I made an essential mix!
This was one of the most challenging and introspective bodies of work I’ve done.
My mix was recorded live, as I truly love how music flows together without a grid. As I have a pretty eclectic taste of music it was hard to figure out how to put everything in two hours. I made a bunch of edits of my favorite songs, added music by my favorite artists and friends and really put my whole heart into creating a musical journey to bring you into my world.
This mix represents who I am, the music realm I have grown up and currently live in that defines me as Chloé.
So happy to be sharing this with you all x” Chloé Caillet, July 2023.”

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