New release from Sprengstoff Records – this time a dubstep 12 inch

Seems like every label out there is releasing dubstep. This time Sprengstoff Records is releasing a 12″ from Innasekt.

[sprengstoff#14] INNASEKT

Mp3 snippets:
A: Structure (6.21)
B: Core (4.53)

“Innasekt create their own unique definition of dubstep orientated beats. The two tracks on their debut 12inch on Sprengstoff Recordings show that they favour complex arrangements with dense atmospheres. Innasekt manage to produce hybrid structures combining conflicting elements: the heat of heavy sub basses and the icy coldness of dusky rooms. This record explores the dark side of the dub reaching unknown dimensions. ”

You can buy the record at Smash-Berlin for 7,5 euro.

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Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007.06.15 Sonar Special

Core News is bringing you this weeks Mary Anne Hobbs Sonar Special radio show. My favorite track this week is dgoHn – ‘Elle’ (Subtle Audio).
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Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007.06.15 Sonar Special [Uploaded.net download]

“This week a Sonar Preview show with sets from Bus (rec. 2006) and Subtle (rec. 2005), plus tracks from artists at Sonar this year including Richie Hawtin, JPLS, Kode 9, Dizzee Rascal, Chateau Flight & Matthew Dear.”

Beastie Boys- Jimmy James – (Parlophone)
Matthew Dear- Will Gravity Win Tonight – (Ghostly International)
Komanazmuk vs White Boi- Dead Man’s Chest’ (Dubplate)
Curtis Lynch Jr feat JD- Mad Dread – (Necessary Mayhem)
Funk Ethics ‘The Blues Is Now’ (Dubplate)

The Download
Lethal B- Jump – (White)

Chateau Flight – ‘Superflight’ – (Innervisions)

Subtle: Recorded Live at Sonar 2005

Kode 9 – Nine – (LP ‘Memories Of The Future’) (Hyperdub)
Ekaj – ‘Kjah’ (Dubplate)
Dizzie Rascal – ‘Old Skool’ (LP- ‘Maths & English’) (XL)
Plastikman – ‘Mind in Rewind’ (Novamute)
JPLS – ‘Twilite’ (M-Nus)
dgoHn – ‘Elle’ (Subtle Audio)
Deep Chord presents Echospace – ‘Elysian’ (Modern Love)
Mark Pritchard feat Spacek – ‘Turn It On’ (Sonar Collectiv)
Mica & The Cluster Collective – ‘Refine’ (Accidental)

Bus: Recorded Live at Sonar 2006

Ilx – ‘Xhoust Fumes 320’ (Dubplate)
Burbuja – ‘Senseless’ (Station 55)
Beastie Boys ‘Electric Worm’ (Parlophone)
Forensix – ‘Stockholm’ (Dubplate)

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2 new dubstep mixes from Forensics

Some fresh dubstep love from Forensics.

Forensics – July 2007 MIX

1 Code Tripper – Deserted Cities
2 Code Tripper – Holdback
3 Code Tripper – ydE
4 Ekaros – Thru your dreams
5 Ekaros – Eden
6 Ekaros – Above the mountains
7 Nine Inch Nails – The hand that feeds (Dreadless remix)
8 The Sub Division – Apocalypto
9 The Sub Division – Just Can’t Fight
10 Forensics – Vanishing Point (remaster)
11 Two Oh One – Ghost Train (Wet Wednesday mix)
12 Rogue State – Bounce Step
13 Rogue State – Sawing Eagle
14 Rogue State – Back then
15 The Bug ft. Flowdan – Jah War
outro: Cutty Ranks, from Hand Grenade

Running time: 40 Minutes


Forensics – Breaks FM set #3

1 The Lexxus – Calicfied
2 Forsaken ft. Benj – Window Seat
3 Forensics – Middle Distance (remaster)
4 Forensics – Subliminal (early demo)
5 Sully – Cadillac
6 Sully – Undivided
7 Macabre Unit – Beautiful
8 23hz & Numaestro – Al Andalus
9 23hz & Numaestro – Citadel
10 23hz & Numaestro – Submarino
11 Ruckspin & Quark – Sunshine
12 Zomby – Sunshine 2
13 Zomby – Sunshine 3
14 Threnody – On your ends
15 Burial – Versus
16 Innasekt – Cluster
17 Skrewface – Inna di judgement
18 Slazenger – Eightball
19 D1 – Greazy
20 D1 – Foundation
21 D1 – Quantum Jazz
22 D1 – Malfunction
23 D1 – Trial Run
24 D1 – Mind and Soul

Running time: 60 Minutes


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Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007.06.01 with Jahtari

Guest this time is the label Jahtari with a “Digital Laptop Reggae” live set.
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Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007.06.01 with Jahtari [Uploaded.net download

Burial – Stairwell – (Demo)

Flying Lotus ft J Dilla & Phat Kat – Game Over – (White)
Magnetic Man – Ligma – (Dubplate)
Cdatakill – No Brakes – [Detritus remix] (Ad Noisium)
The Bug & Flowdan – Jah War – [Loefah mix] (Ninja)

The Download
Local – They Are Local – (Betulla)

Intex Systems – Destroy – (Hot Flush)
Runzelstrin & Gurgelstock – Meatpump666 – (RecordLabelRecords)
LV + Errol Bellott – ‘Globetrotting’ (Hyperdub)
The Peverelist – The Grind – (Punchdrunk)
MED – Rhymes With An L – from – Peanut Butter Wolf presents Chrome Children Vol 2 – (Stones Throw)
Iridite Productions ft Jason Brunton – GA – (Iridite Productions)
Cyrus [Random Trio] – Bounty – (Tectonic)

Jahtari Live Digital Laptop Reggae Set
Tracklisting to follow…

Laurie Anderson – O Superman – (Nonesuch)
2562 – – Channel 2 – (Tectonic)
Ramadanman – The Woon – (2nd Drop)
Nate Mars – Higher To The Bass – (Dubplate)
Our Sleepless Forest – Nomads – (Type)
Project Horsed – The Wind Beneath My Feet – (Demo)

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Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007.05.25 with Reinhard Voigt

Here is your weekly dose of Mary Anne Hobbs.
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2007.05.25 Mary Anne Hobbs – Reinhard Voigt part1 [Uploaded.net download]

Remember to support the show and listen to the stream on the site.

Fridge- Drums Of Life (LP- The Sun) (Text)
Wadadda- Empiyah (Brixton Mix) (MG77)
Joris Voorn- Decay (LP- From A Deep Place) (Technorient/ Green)
Dabrye Feat. Doom- Air (Kode 9 Mix) (Ghostly International)
Pinch- Bootz (Dubplate)

The Download
Residents- Walrus Hunt (LP- Eskimo) (Download)

Dizzee Rascal Live
Dizzee Rascal- Flex (Live at Radio 1s Big Weekend) (XL)
Dizzee Rascal- Fix Up Look Sharp (Live at Radio 1s Big Weekend) (XL)

Roland Appel- Dark Soldier (White)
Terry Lynn- Kingston Logic Acapella (Phree)
Burial- Stairwell (Demo)
Kush Arora Feat. Jualaki- Seed Haffi Glow (LP- From Brooklyn To SF) (KAP)
David Squilliance- My a100 & Me (CMYK Music)

Reinhard Voigt Mix
All exclusive/unreleased tracks

Circuit Breaker- Boomin Bass (Rowdy Version) (Bass Recordings)
Tes La Rok- Mental Block (Mode Records)
Wiley- ‘My Mistake’ (Dubplate)
Avus- Taken (White)
Vaccine- Anaesthetic (Hot Flush)
Audiorepublik- Two (Demo)
Need More Sources- Morning (LP- Shed) (Moteer)
Ulrich Schnauss- For Good (LP- Goodbye) (Independiente)

Please let me know if the downloads are broken.

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7 new free mp3 releases from Net-Lab

This superb net label just had a re-lunch of their website and with that 7!! new releases.

Check them out net-lab.co.uk

NL26 – Ross Flight – Forgotten (EP)
NL25 – Herv – Migration
NL24 – Illuminati – Five Themes For Future Reference (EP)
NL23 – Crown of Storms – Ghost in the Machine (EP)
NL21 – Ital Tek – Snippets
NL20 – Synthamesk – Raw Deal [Schwarzenegger Series] (EP)
NL19 – T-woc – Reign Blood (EP)

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Dubstep mix from Dubsteppers Delight

Time to get you daily dose of dubstep vibes. Here is a recording of the radio show Dubstepper Delight that is on air every Saturday 11pm-12pm GMT +1 on www.sensimedia.net.

Tracklist of 19th of May show:
1. pure – uncommon love
2. ghostshack feat. ambivalent – RUOK
3. syanide – caught in a jam
4. unkle festa – telemolecular
5. desecration – gratuitous violence
6. skrewface – deep meditation (teaser)
7. cotti – breaking point
8. quad control – pop lock and drop remix
9. pure – world
10. quad control – lb 426
11. audit – anu mu
12. pure – document 5
13. dz – chinese checkers
14. pure – tek soldier
15. 2 deep – dimples
16. wiley – carnival
17. wiley – freeze
18. bigfoot – give me love
19. dr pytor – the walrus
20. pure – the police are donkeys
21. slazenger – babylon man v3

The download!

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New dubstep mix from Plastician

Plastician is giving us some spring vibes with this dubstep mix.
Heavy tracklist!

Plastician May 2007 Mix:
N Type – Way Of The Dub (Caspa Remix)
Magnetic Man – Everything Cool
Digital Mystikz – All Of A Sudden
Digital Mystikz – Lean Forward
Benga & Coki – Night
Geeneus – Raggo
Skream – Chest Boxing
**Accapella – Terror Danjah – Gangsta No**
Skream – 2 Dee (Plastician Special)
Magnetic Man – We Want Your Soul
Cotti & Cluekid – Sensi Dub
Matty G – 50,000 Watts
Matty G – Westcoast (Caspa Remix)
Joker – Gully Brook Lane (Plastician Special)
Kromestar – Serial Killer
Macabre Unit – Sunshine
Macabre Unit – Lift Off VIP
Joker – R2D2
L-Wiz – Girl From Codeine City

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New dubstep mix: dcom – Broken Angels

A dubstep mix from a Finnish DJ called dcom. The tracklist is impressive!

“The Morgan Continuum Vol. III – Broken Angels (2007-05-02)
A dubstep crash course mixed by dcom @ Home, Turku, Finland”

Scarecrow – Taken (Pitch Black PITCH001 A1)
Reso – Holograms (Pitch Black PITCH003 B1)
Komonazmuk – For Real (Terminal Dusk TD012 A1)
Lohan vs. Pop’n’Twinbe – Vapour Trail (Halo Beats HALO003 B1)
luke.envoy – Honour Kill (Hot Flush HF012 B1)
Gatekeeper – Tomb (Skull Recordings SKULL004 B1)
Hatcha & Benga – Progression (Planet Mu ZIG164 B1)
Komonazmuk vs. Whiteboi – Skankstep (Mode MODE001 A1)
Tech Itch – Metal (Ascension ASC004 A1)
Sileni – Twitchy Droid Leg [Vex’d Mix] (Offshore Recordings OSRO18 B1)
Stamp Release – LAC (Stamp Release 001 A1)
Anstam – Aeto (Anstam A-MS01 A1)
Crooked One – Crooked Acid (Starksound STRK001 B1)
Vex’d – Thunder (Planet Mu ZIG115 B1)
Haiku – Haiku [Blackmass Plastics VIP] (Combat Recordings COMBAT09 A1)
Milanese – Mr Bad News (Planet Mu ZIG165 A1)
Distance – Cyclops (Planet Mu ZIG148 B1)
Skynet – Isolate (Argon ARG008 B1)
Skynet – Swamp [Pinch Remix] (Argon ARG010 B1)
Vex’d – Venus (Planet Mu ZIG115 A2)
Si Begg – My Style (Noodles Recordings NOODJNT1 A1)
Vex’d – Angels (Planet Mu ZIG115 B2)
Evac – Ground Attack (Muti M003 B1)
Surgeon – Whose Bad Hands Are These? [Roly Vex’d Remix] (Dynamic Tension DTR009 B2)
Stamp Release – Russia (Stamp Release 001 B1)

The mp3 is 184mb.

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New dubstep release: TRG – Put You Down / Broken Heart – HES 001

“Check out the dubstep mixes section and subscribe to the feed to get updated about more dubstep news in the future.”

The dubstep label Hessle Audio is out with their first release from a new Romanian producer called TRG.

A Put You Down
B Broken Heart

You can buy the 12″ from a shop like boomkat or the digital mp3 release here.

Review from boomkat:
“Two extra heavy 2 step rollers outta Bucharest Romania from new producer TRG, for fresh Leeds imprint Hessle Audio. A-side cut ‘Put you down’ is notable for bucking the dubstep trend/fetish for halfstep patterns with a return to the original dubstep template based around swung 2-step garage rhythms, think vintage El-B or Steve Gurley’s Groove Chronicles project, slinky yet propulsive riddims riding turbulent sub lines and a killer vocal motif. ‘Broken Heart’ on the other side is no less brilliant, keeping it simple with the right combination of keys, r’n’b flavoured vocals and soundsystem ready bass for instant drop ‘n play satisfaction. After the success of the Burial album with it’s return to 135-140bpm garage rhythms and the current slew of homogenised stodge coming from much of today’s halfstep crew this E.P marks a very welcome return to darker swung garage styles for the dubstep scene, I hope there’s a lot more where this came from.”

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New mix: Zajko – Spaceman Spliff Session 15

Different styles in this mix from the Canadian man Zajko.

Rapidgator download

1. Zajko – The beast that stalks the halls of sub-level 3
2. Plasticman – Camel Ride
3. Boxcutter – Hyloz
4. Milanese – Mr. Bad News
5. connect_icut – Birdies Is/Birdies Ain’t
6. Enduser – Another door opens
7. Venetian Snares – Senki Dala & Ongyilkos Vasarnap (Bong-Ra Remix)
8. Amon Tobin – Bloodstone
9. Four Tet – Hands
10. Clark – Matthew Unburdened
11. Capitol K – Breakers
12. Arovane & Phonem – Valid
13. Somatic Responses – Eight
14. Emotional Joystick – giorni di malattia
15. Edward J Devane – Money for Beer?
16. Limbertimbre – Funny
17. Cylobotnia – Got My Pass

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New mix: Forensics – April 2007 MIX

This mix is pretty dubby with some dubstep and in the end a bit of jungle.


FORENSICS – April 2007 MIX

1 Unknown Track (from a Penthouse 7”)
2 This One – Little Train Dub
3 Atki2 – Winter Buds
4 Likhan – Sahel
5 Likhan – Coma
6 Digital Mystikz – Chaimba Music
7 Bazrah – Forrest
8 Bazrah – Suga
9 Two Oh One – Cannot Dream (Forensics remix)
10 Paradigm X – We both are lost (remaster)
11 Secret Agent Gel – Hound Dog
12 Secret Agent Gel – Deliver Dub ft. Jua Kali
13 MRK1 – Sensi Skank
14 MRK1 – Devils and Angels
15 MRK1 – Digital Orient
16 MRK1 – Slope
17 MRK1- Ruler
18 Misk – Brain Leach
19 Misk – Moon Beast
20 Warlock – Stand Alone
21 Warlock – Window Smasher
22 Ikonika – Snowblood

Get it over at smokering.co.uk

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New release: Rules Of Anger – Ruff #03

“From the hardest working camps in the scene, the third Ruff installment featuring 4 traxXx from Cardopusher, Krumble, Dj FLoorclearer & Black Ham !!!

Rules Of Anger is another huge release ready to kick your bass !!!
From abstract to dubstep & electro, the beats are pure fire .

If you’re looking for candies, this is too Ruff for you !!!”

rules of anger ruff #3

A1 : Black Ham – Skrew Up
A2 : Cardopusher – Voice Mail Bomb
B1 : Dj Floorclearer – Lights Out
B2 : Krumble – Crikets & Ghosts

You can buy it here.

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Aaron Spectre dubstep mix recorded for London’s Resonance FM

Aaron Spectre – Reptile Dub
The download.

1. Wonder – What – Dump Valve
2. Nine Inch Nails – Reptile – Nothing
3. Elemental – Deep Under – Hot Flush
4. Shackleton – Tin Foil Sky – Skull Disco
5. DJ C – Acid Bounce – Dub
6. Toasty Boy – Dreamweavers – Storming
7. Elemental – Soulfire – Destructive
8. Search & Destroy – Dub Weapon
9. Search & Destroy – Killamanjaro
10. Mark One – The Bomb – Southside Dubstars
11. Toasty Boy – Splash – Destructive
12. Warlock – More Wanted – Rag & Bone
13. Slaughter Mob – Saddam – Soulja
14. Warrior Queen – Almighty Father (Solid Groove Remix)
15. Aaron Spectre – One Two – Dub
16. Sky City Rising – Fever Gasp – Broklyn Beats
17. Aaron Spectre – Music is the Weapon – Dub
18. Vex’d – Lion – Subtext
19. Buju Banton – Vigilante
20. Vex’d – Lion VIP – Planet Mu
21. Noisia – The Tide – Vision
22. Basis – An Army of Clones – Dub
23. Soundmurderer – Soundclash – Rewind
24. General Malice – Kill ‘Em All – N2O
25. Aaron Spectre & Prodigal Son – Say Yeh – Mindtrick Dub
26. Mochipet – Botan Rice Breaks (Aaron Spectre remix) – Daly City Dub
27. Drumcorps – Terrible Things – Ad Noiseam / CRD
28. Drumcorps – Forgive and Forget – Ad Noiseam / CRD

+ misc live triggered beats & samples
Originally aired on Resonance 104.4 FM, London UK
December 18 2006

Check out his website.

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