Cape Orchard – Juvenile Delinquency

Melbourne based Cape Orchard’s debut EP “Juvenile Delinquency” takes you for a ride through four hard hitting ghetto techno & garage belters that both have both a unique use of sampling of rap and trap tracks, as well as blending them in with more digital and non-acoustic instrumentation.

The resulting project is not just an easy to consume package then, but rather a tastefully thought out experiment that seems to hit all the right marks.

However, due to it’s accessibility with some recognizable samples, a more broader audience will have no problem digesting this four course meal.

An added touch that isn’t seen to often definitely includes the subtly mixed “Juvenile Delinquents (Continuous Mix), providing an even more streamlined listening experience.

Cape can be found at both his Spotify, Apple Music & SoundCloud @capeorchard as well as his Instagram @thelifeofcape.

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