Breaking: Mary Anne Hobbs is leaving BBC Radio 1!

This is sad news. I just read on Twitter that Mary Anne Hobbs is leaving BBC Radio 1. Read her full statement on Myspace.

I really hope BBC gets a good replacement since the Experimental/Breezeblock show has been my favorite radio show for many year and it were the show that made me love dubstep.

Will you miss Mary Anne Hobbs?

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14 thoughts on “Breaking: Mary Anne Hobbs is leaving BBC Radio 1!”

  1. this is so sad. i don’t know anyone who can replace her. she managed to get some great sessions from some great artists…. 🙁

    sad day.

  2. Will I miss Mary Anne Hobbs? Definitely! Maximum respect and much much love goes to her from all over the scene…

  3. It’s a tragedy. I don’t know, how I will keep track of the electronic music world without the weekly update of MAH! Really sad!

  4. Some things happen for a reason.
    The torch held for so long by Mary, will continue to burn ever brighter in the hands of Toddla-t whom I firmly believe shares the very same passion & dedication to the scene.
    This is a very exciting time.
    Mary has secured her shows legacy as well as Toddla’s future with Radio 1.
    If fate exists, then this is destiny.
    Respect and love!

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