BBC 1Xtra D&B Show with Crissy Criss 2010-01-14 61 tracks in 60 minutes

“This week Crissy returned with a boxload of new tunes and dropped scorching dubs from Lenzman & Submorphics, Disaszt, Need For Mirrors and a couple from Command Strange! Then at 2am, Crissy dropped 61 tracks in 60 minutes in his monthly powerhour. Large!”
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BBC 1Xtra D&B Show with Crissy Criss 2010-01-14 61 tracks in 60 minutes [Depositfiles download]

DJ Marky & Makoto — Togetherness 2009
Dillinja — So Special
Marky & SPY — Fangface
Dope Ammo — Cold Rock A Party (Jaydan Remix) (feat Tali)
Zen — That Sound
Twisted Individual — Rusty Sheriff’s Badge (Original Sin Remix)
Twisted Individual — Gimp Mask (Marky & SPY Remix)
Example — So Quietly (Cyantific Remix)
Xample — No Respect (feat Jakes)
Heist — Circuit Trouble
DJ Taktix — It’s The Way (Serum Remix)
Netsky — Midnight Express

Chase & Status — Is It Worth It VIP
DJ Lee & D. Kay — Tuning Remix
Original Sin — Decibel
Mutated Forms — Ready When You Are
Dillinja — Thugged Out B
Commix — Talk To Frank
Shifta — Be The Music
Medicin — Mobius Strip (Tantrum Desire Remix)
Danny Byrd — Sweet Harmony (Original Mix)
DJ Hazard — Killers Don’t Die
Fresh — Golddust
Dillinja — Shiners
DMinds — T10 (Original Sin Remix)
MC System — Near Miss
Dillinja — Tunnel Grinder
The Prodigy — Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)
Dillinja — Basscone
Ant Miles & Moving Fusion — Mass Hysteria
Netsky — Everyday
Dillinja — In the Grind
Omni Trio — Renegade Snares (Bladerunner Remix)
Clipz — Scum City
Total Science — Squash
Original Sin — Pimp Don’t Limp
Moving Fusion — Star Sign
Tali — Blazin (Dillinja Remix)
Ram Trilogy — Screamer VIP
Dillinja — Life
Q Project — Champion Sound (Total Science Remix)
Original Sin — B Killer
Dynamite MC — Ride (Dillinja Remix)
Ram Trilogy — No Reality
Un-Cut — Midnight (MIST Remix)
Hype — Peace Love and Unity
Moving Fusion — Thunderball
Shy FX — Rah (G Dub Remix)
Ram Trilogy — Pacman (Remix)
Pendulum — Granite (Dillinja Remix)
Twisted Individual — Heavy Metal (Crystal Clear Remix)
Taxman — Harry’s Revenge
DJ Hazard — Busted
TC — Jump
Doc Scott — NHS (Total Science Remix)
S.P.Y. — Asbo
Dillinja — Watching You

Original Sin — R Bass
Dirty Phonics — Teleportation
Chase & Status — Smash TV
Original Sin — Ohm
Sub Focus — Could This Be Real (DnB Remix)
Ram Trilogy — Nightflight
G-Dub & Taxman — Tink Ya Bad
Serum — Push It
Sigma — Front To Back
Dminds & Hazard — Mr Happy
DJ Friction & Nu Balance — Robocop (Taxman Remix)
Plan B — Stay Too Long (Pendulum Remix)
Ed Rush & Optical — Alien Girl
Marcus Intalex & ST Files — How You Make Feel
Heist — Search Party
2 Db — Turkish Delight
Disaszt — Rebound
Lenzman & Submorphics — Respiration VIP
Command Strange — Brasileiro
Camo & Krooked vs Body & Soul — The Big Rush
JB & KDan — Love Affair
Command Strange — You Don’t Deserve Me
Need For Mirrors — Wasted Youth
Zero T & Need For Mirrors — Tilt
Funtcase — Drop Out
Sub Focus — Could This Be Real (Joker Remix)
Fabolous — The Words of Love (Makoto Remix)

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