Bake – Resident Advisor podcast #909 2023-11-06

“909 is a special number for us at RA—the name of one of the most hallowed drum machines in all of music, and one of the foundations of techno music—and we’re more than happy to offer it up to a DJ who has been a long-time favourite of our team: Glasgow’s Bake. In fact, we commissioned this mix roughly ten years ago, but you can’t rush perfection. When Bake emerged as one of the heads heads behind the label All Caps—a relatively short-lived but influential imprint that released massive tracks like Flørist’s “Marine Drive” and Kowton’s “TFB”—he also quickly became one of the most impressive DJs in the post-dubstep access, appearing frequently at Hessle Audio events and sharpening his skills behind the decks at the country’s best parties. Now he runs his own, Spirit, at Sub Club. He has a wide-ranging style that touches on all kinds of leftfield techno and broken drum patterns. His nearly two-hour RA Podcast finds him at the end of a sort-of comeback year, and it touches on tracks from Shackleton, Laksa, Batu, Karima F and Levon Vincent, to give you an idea. It’s the kind of mix that oozes expertise and practice without feeling showy—the signs of a truly great DJ. If you don’t know Bake, then now you do.”
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