Avicii – Essential Mix 2018-04-28

“We pay tribute to Avicii, rewinding to his genre-defining debut Essential Mix in 2010. A mix which summed up and set the tone for EDM and featured the first ever broadcast of Avicii’s signature anthem ‘Levels’.”
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Avicii – Essential Mix 2018-04-28 [Uploaded.net download]

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Avicii - Essential Mix 2018-04-28

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3 thoughts on “Avicii – Essential Mix 2018-04-28”

  1. This news completely passed me by. His music wasn’t really for me, but from the little I’ve read about him he always seemed like a very likeable and decent person (not a matter of course in the EDM scene). Such stories always bring things back into perspective. He was three years younger than me. He made millions of people happy, which is an awesome thing to leave behind. The best legacy a person can have, in my opinion.

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