Antidote Beats VIP Jungle selection – mixed by: The Imperial DJ LP & hosted by: The Spartanz

The first music I started listening to was ragga jungle way back in the 1994. It is nice to see that sound is still alive and kicking. In this mix from Imperial DJ LP in collaboration with The Spartanz we get a taste of what the jungle scene is all about.

Listen in the Mixcloud player below and here is a some words about the mix:
“Soul-Pro’s very own Imperial DJ LP of legendary Rawhill Cru shows homage to the foundation jungle sound of producer Antidote Beats with a fourty minute long running mix of high caliber, high energy explosive production. Mcs N9ne & Startrz stand together under the banner of the Legendary Spartanz hailing from the UK, delivering a lyrical onslaught of progressive styles and flows over the length of the entire mix. Instrumentally, Antidote Beats steps forward with a cacophony of technically and melodically dense tracks to get lost in. Not to be missed, the essential jungle mix.”

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