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Mary Anne Hobbs on 6 Music 2013-01-26 With Richard Hawley

27 January, 2013 (15:24) | Mary Anne Hobbs | By: Core News

“Mary Anne Hobbs takes your working week blues and soothes them with a bountiful breakfast soundtrack.
Richard Hawley is the first ever guest on Mary Anne’s ‘Key of Life’, revealing his secrets, his loves, and the philosophies he carries with him through his life.
SUNRISER: 6 Months In A Cast – The Trouble With Templeton
Mary Anne’s Sunriser is her favourite new track of the moment. We play it twice across a weekend.
This Saturday and Sunday her choice is The Trouble With Templeton’s excellent and dark 6 Months In A Cast (self-released).”
Please support the show by listening to stream on 6 Music. Check out my archives for other Mary Anne Hobbs radio shows and subscribe to the feed if you want to check out future shows.

Mary Anne Hobbs on 6 Music 2013-01-26 With Richard Hawley [ download] [Depositfiles download]

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Mary Anne Hobbs on 6 Music


Comment from Arthit
Time February 1, 2013 at 1:31 pm

Another great Sunriser this week. EVerything she touches is magic.