Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007 10 24 with Steve Spacek

This weeks Mary Anne Hobbs features a mix from Steve Spacek.

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007 10 24 with Steve Spacek [ download]

Cult Of The 13th Hour – ‘Wickedness’ (Soul Jazz) (Compilation – Box Of Dub 2)
Walsh & Benga – ‘Addicts’ (Dubplate)
Badness & Chipmunk – ‘When We Rise’ (True Tiger)
Rusko – ‘Like Dis’ (Dubplate)
Likhan – ‘Terre’ (7even)

The Download
Monfogo – ‘Loco’ (Aagoo)

Ceephax Acid – ‘Stri Fry Jungle’ (Planet Mu)
Funk Ethics – ‘The Blues Is Now’ (Dubplate)
Aesop Rock – ‘Harbour Is Yours’ (Definitive Jux)
Sub Version – ‘Soul Jah Boogie’ (Soul Jazz) (Compilation – Box Of Dub 2)
Cotti & Doctor – ‘Calm Down’ (Dubplate)
Dampkrane – ‘Kalimbamudd’ (Buried In Time) (LP – Buried In Time)

Steve Spacek / Blackpocket Mix
Blackpocket – Juiced (Exit)
Blackpocket – Cyborg (Exit)
Blackpocket – The Road (Exit)
Blackpocket/Trouble Man – Glang Slap (Exit)
Sta Simonez – I Want You (Exit)
Supadred – Smile (Exit)
Blackpocket – Sta Simonez (Exit)
Blackpocket /Trouble Man – Sound Of The Future (Exit)

Skream – ‘Losing Control’ (Rinse) (Compilation – Dubstep Drama)
Jus Wan – ‘Untitled August’ (Dubplate)
Skepta & Trigga – ‘In A Corner’ (Boy Better Know) (LP – Greatest Hits)
Point B – ‘Gymede’ (Dubplate)
Edit – ‘Evac’ (Colony Productions) (Compilation – Colonized 01)
Boxcutter – ‘Foxy’ (Planet Mu) (LP – Glyphic)
Blackdown – ‘Northside Cheng Dub’ (Keysound)

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Forensics – Dark Matter Vol.7 – dubstep mix

Yet another dubstep mix from Forensics. This guy sure is productive!
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Forensics – Dark Matter Vol.7

1 This One – Korova Milk Bar
2 Kode 9 – Kingstown
3 Kode 9 – 9 Samurai
4 Sean Demis – Portishead Dub
5 Genetic Crew – Submarine
6 Genetic Crew – Samoa Dub
7 BunZer0 – Sneeze (Grimelock remix)
8 The Fix & DZ – Overcast
9 DZ – Transform
10 Kromestar – Ghost Ship
11 Benga – Middle Man
12 Benga – Music Box
13 Benga – Break it
14 Benga – World War 7
15 Benga – Dominion
16 Benga – Evolution
17 Itchy Robot/After Dark – Flyillator
18 Itchy Robot/After Dark – Money Haffi
19 Plasticman – Cha Vocal

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007 10 17 exclusive mix from Burial

Mary Anne Hobbs have changed days from Thursdays to Wednesdays and this week she got an exclusive preview mix of Burials new album. The mix was put together by Kode9. My fave tunes are Cdatakill – ‘No Brakes’ (Detreitus Mix) (12″ Bleeding Hearts Vol 1) (Ad Noiseum), Magnetic Man – ‘Alright…What Happened’ (Dubplate) and Ben Frost – ‘Theory Of Machines’ (Bedroom Community).

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Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007 10 17 exclusive mix from Burial [ download]

Cadence Weapons – ‘Lisa’s Spider’ (Big Dada)
Headhunter – ‘Sushi Brain’ (Tempa Dubplate)
Lil Dee – ‘ Star In The Makin” (LP – Don’t Let The Name Trick You) (Media Gang)
False – ‘Forgetting’ (LP – 2000) (Minus)
Jus Wan – ‘Untitled August’ (Dubplate)

Vaccine – ‘Atrium’ (Dublplate) (download from

Cult Of The 13th Hour – ‘Wickedness’ (Compilation – Box Of Dub 2) (Soul Jazz)
C.A.B.L.E. – ‘New Infection’ (Innerground)
Calibre & DRS – ‘Slums’ (Signature Dubplate)
Cdatakill – ‘No Brakes’ (Detreitus Mix) (12″ Bleeding Hearts Vol 1) (Ad Noiseum)
Magnetic Man – ‘Alright…What Happened’ (Dubplate)
Voafose – ‘Weather Soc’ (Rephlex)
Zinc – ‘Film’ (Skream Remix) (Compilation – Dubstep Drama) (Rinse)
Christian Dittman – ‘Planeta Rojo’ (EP – Emporio) (Thinner)

Feral Witchchild
Etched Headplate
Shell of Light
In McDonalds
Near Dark
Speed Ball2
Cold Planet

Amon Tobin Vs Boxcutter – ‘Kitchen Sink’ (Dubplate)
Anthony Childs – ‘Unknown Intro’ & ‘Scorn’ – Doors & Kero Vs dbit – ‘Prof Railer’ from Surgeon’s new mix – ‘This Is For You Sh*ts’ (Warp)
Zed Bias & Inklined Minds – ‘Can You Let Go?’ (Sick Trumpet)
Subeena – ‘Circular’ (Dubplate)
Jega – ‘Aerodynamic’ (White Label)
Ben Frost – ‘Theory Of Machines’ (Bedroom Community)
Claro Intelecto – ‘Dependant’ (Modern Love)
Breakage – ‘Callahagn’ (Dubplate)
The Marcia Blane School For Girls – ‘Faulty Perceptual Apparatus’ (Compilation – Analog For Architecture) (Highpoint Lowlife)

Dj set from Parasite at Braindrop 28th September 07

Nice Dj set from Parasite recorded at Braindrop 28th September 07. The set consists of breakcore, raggacore, ragga jungle and even a dubstep tune.

Parasite at Braindrop 28th September 07

1. Venetian Snares – Husikam Rave Dojo (Planet Mu)
2. Shitmat – All Fall Down (Planet Mu)
3. Knifehandchop – Weed Wi Di Macka (Shockout)
4. The Qemists – Iron Shirt (Ninja Tune)
5. Shitmat – More Fire (Planet Mu)
6. Microphyst – Babyflapjacks
7. DJ C – Come Back Version (Death$ucker)
8. Soundbites – No Dance Start The Goods (Death$ucker)
9. Mochipet – Botan Rice Breaks [Aaron Spectre Remix] (Daly City)
10. The Teknoist – Richie’s Breakcore Love Song (unreleased)
11. Pisstank – Punching (Death$ucker)
12. The Flashbulb – Lucid Bass III (Sublight)
13. Maladroit – Amen Motherfucker (Hong Kong Violence)
14. Monster X – Gabba Porn (BRK)
15. Atari Teenage Hunger Force – The Spak Out (unreleased)
16. Atar Teenage Hunger Force – Fuk Giraffes (unreleased)
17. Johnny Clash – Movement (Death$ucker)
18. Modeselektor – Let Your Love Grow (BPitch Control)
19. The Bug – Skeng ft. Killa P & Flow Dan (Hyperdub)

Matt Shadetek – More Fire More Bass – Nice dubstep mix

This mix from Matt Shadetek was first played at Mary Anne Hobbs back in March. It’s a mix of grime, dubstep and similar styles.

Matt Shadetek – More Fire, More Bass

01. Can’t Breathe – Tanya Stephens (Matt Shadetek Remix) [Unreleased)
02. Untitled – Matt Shadetek (Unreleased)
03. Bumbaclat Badman – Chronik feat. Skepta, Wiley & Esco (Slew Dem Records)
04. Skynet Riddim – Matt Shadetek (Sound-Ink)
05. Walk It Out Remix – DJ Unk feat. Andre 3000 & Jim Jones (Koch Records)
06. Do It – Jon E Cash (Black Ops)
07. Go Home – Timeblind (Unreleased)
08. Gigantic Wings – Drop The Lime (Unreleased)
09. Vans – The Pack (Jive)
10. Reign Riddim – Matt Shadetek (Sound-Ink)
11. Reign – Team Shadetek feat. Skepta (Sound-Ink)
12. Gave You All My Dub – Matt Shadetek feat. Jahdan (Unreleased)
13. Separating – Team Shadetek feat. Jammer (Sound-Ink)
14. Cassava Riddim – Matt Shadetek (Unreleased)
15. She Told Me – Noble Society feat. 77Klash
16. Untitled – Timeblind (Unreleased)
17. Japan – Plastician (Terrorhythm)
18. Try Harder – Drop The Lime (Broklyn Beats)
19. Daylight – Team Shadetek (Sound-Ink)

Found on the great GussetBLOG.

Goatlab Radio October 2007 with Parasite and Dj Rupture as guest

Goatlab Radio is finally back. This time with Parasite as host and Dj/Rupture as a special guest. Lots of new interesting tunes!

Goatlab Radio October 2007 with Parasite and Dj Rupture as guest

1. Modeselektor – 2000007 ft. TCC (BPitch Control)
2. Cauto – Untitled (Dutty Artz –
3. Electromeca – 202 (Death$ucker)
4. DJ/Rupture & Andy Moor – live in France
5. Milanese – Mr Bad News [Clark remix] (Planet Mu)
6. DJ/Rupture & Shadetek – Reef w/ Anakissed reading the Rubaiyyat
7. Dexplicit – Good For Me
8. Maga Bo -Nqayi ft. Teba (Soot)
9. Glowstyx – Heels of Steel (Cock Rock Disco)
10. Patric C (The VIP) – Let There Be House (Death$ucker / Cock Rock Disco)
11. The Bug – Skeng ft. Killa P & Flow Dan (Hyperdub)
12. Influx – Still (Sapho)

New dubstep mix from Forensics – Future Radio set

New set from one of my favorite dubstep DJs. Check it out!

Forensics – Future Radio set

1. Secret Agent Gel – White Castle
2. Thesis – Escolas
3. SubHuman – Turned Away
4. Forensics – Endgame (Two Oh One remix)
5. UltraBlack – Ragga Fuck
6. Alien Pimp – Multiple Options
7. Alien Pimp – Fuck You
8. El Carnicero – Mosquito Riddim
ft. Faction G (Starkey remix)
9. El Carnicero – Northgate Riddim ft. TinyBee
10. El Carnicero – Next Kingdom ft. Warrior Queen
11. Ekaj – Exposure

DJ C mix from Part Time Suckers radio show

Nice mix from DJ C playing at a radio show called Part Time Suckers.
Lots of good tune except for Drop the Lime – Final Countdown. I can’t believe he have made a mix of that awful tune. Shame on Drop the Lime!

DJ C mix on Part Time Suckers

1. Various; DJ C Shout Outs
2. Cab Calloway; Hi De Ho Man
3. Buraka Som Sistema; Buraka Entra!
4. Drop the Lime; Come 2 Life
5. M.I.A.; Boyz (DJ Flack Remix)
6. Stereotyp; Boi Da Cara Breta
7. The Big Heist (ft. JD So Solid Crew);What You Want
8. Various; Don’t Ask
9. Buraka Som Sistema; Sem Makas
10. DJ C; Dehydrogenated (ft. Pamelia Kurstin)
11. DJ C and Zulu; Body Work
12. DJ C and Zulu; Ransom the Senator
13. Mathhead; Broken Glass
14. Murderbot; Give You Up (Murderbot Refix)
15. Sosolimited; Um Nah
16. Twista; Celebrity (Woodside Remix)
17. Enya and Prodigy; Apeboy (Lenlow’s Enyagy Edit)
18. Rough Squad; War
19. DJ Timmety; Somebody
20. Durrty Goodz; Axiom
21. Kanye West; Jesus Walks (Unknown Souljah Remix)
22. The Obvious; Clean But Dirty
23. Luke’s Anger; Failure Probe
24. Venetian Snares; Black Sabbath
25. Bird Paterson; Automatic (Vyle Remix)
26. Black Jack Ft. Nasty; Now Der Like
27. Cheb Mami; Hatachi
28. DG Yola; Ain’t Gon Let Up (Starkey Remix)
29. Drop the Lime; Final Countdown
30. Durrty Doodz; Switching Songs 2
31. Exillon; Moonshiner Remix
32. Kuduro Sound System ft. Roca Zoca; Pra Aquecer
33. Luke’s Anger; Love Hack
34. Maga Bo ft. Max Normal; Homeboys
35. Sosolimited; Biggee Grinds My Gears
36. The Bug ft. Flowdan; Jah War
37. DJ Scotch Egg; Aaron Spectre’s Scotch Egg Remix
38. DJ Q; Tea Bag (Remix)
39. Bob Marley; Exodus (The Big Heist Remix)
40. Starkey; Corner Store Riddim
41. Santogold; Creator
42. Dude ‘N Nem; Watch My Feet (Remix)
43. Dude ‘N Nem; Watch My Feet
44. DJ C and Zulu; Body Work (Murderbot’s Body Juke Refix)
45. Q Beatz; Arabian
46. Crime Mob; Stilettos (Baltimoroder’s Love Guide Remix)
47. Murderbot; Shower Together
48. Kim Wilde; Kids In America

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007 10 05 with Boxcutter

This weeks Mary Anne Hobbs rocks with the Boxcutter mix as the highlight! Can’t wait to get my hands on the new album from Boxcutter, entitled Glyphic, that is due out October 29th.
My other faves from the show are The Gasman – ‘Molten’ (Planet Mu) (LP – Audio Gold) and 2562 – ‘Channel Two’ (Tectonic).

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Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007 10 05 with Boxcutter [ download]

Geeneus – ‘Star Buck’ (Dubplate Drama / Rinse) (LP – Dubstep Drama)
Najem Sworb – ‘ Not Only’ (Ai) (EP – Hydrocarbon EP)
Terror Danjah & Durrty Goodz – ‘Reloadz’ (Aftershock)
Hecq – ‘0004’ (Hymen)

Pinch – ‘Widescreen’ (Tectonic) (LP – Underwater Dancehall)

Supreme Team – ‘See (Suite)’ (Stones Throw) (LP – Peanut Butter Wolf presents 2k8: B-Ball Zombie War)

The Download
Daftar – ‘Osaka-O’ (White)

OQTO – ‘Aloma Saloma’ (Dubplate)

Benga – ’26 Basslines’ (Tempa) (LP – Diary Of An Afro Warrior)

Skepta ft Trigga – ‘In A Corner’ (Boy Better Know) (LP – Greatest Hits)
Trentmoller – ‘Vamp’ (Automatique) (LP – The Trentmoller Chronicles)
Gescom – ‘C2’ (Skam) (EP – A1-D1)

Boxcutter mix

Oner Ozer – ‘Sahara’ (Vakant)
Luke Skywalker – ‘ Jabba’ (Dubplate)
The Gasman – ‘Molten’ (Planet Mu) (LP – Audio Gold)
U-ziq – ‘Old And Tired’ (Planet Mu) (LP – Duntisbourne Abbots Soulmate Division Technique)
Swayzak – ‘Smile & Receive’ (Aparrat mix) (K7!)
2562 – ‘Channel Two’ (Tectonic)
Herd – ‘Tangents 1-4’ (Demo)

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DJ Blip – Bo! Bo! Bo! – Dubstep mix with other styles mixed in

Got another sweet mix in my inbox. This one is from Dj Blip and is dubstep with other styles mixed in.

DJ Blip / Bo! Bo! Bo!
Mixed on two turn(!)tables(!)

Boogie Down Productions / bo bo bo (Jive)
Bass Clef / don’t ask me to forgive you (Blank Tapes)
RSD / corner dub (blue and red mix) (Punch Drunk)
Rossi B and Luca / frequency 07 (Heavy Artillery)
Bruno Belluomini Feat. Jimmy Luv / taka fogo (Unity Trax)
Blackmass Plastics / gatesmasher (Quarantine)
Nika D / felt the need mrk 1 remix (Aphex)
Starkey / dementia (Lo Dubs)
Phokus Feat. Dirty Danger/ dem all shot (MG77)
Monkeysteak / gaza stripclub (Deathsucker)
Kit Clayton / grey amber (Nummer)
Maga Bo Feat. K-Libre / nakhil (feat k-libre) (Soot)
Babycham / ghetto story rossi b and luca remix (white)
Toasty / cold blooded (Clandestine Cultivations)
Fat Freddy’s Drop / cay’s cray digital mystikz remix (Kartel)
Appleblim / vansan (Skull Disco)
TRG / put you down (Hessle Audio)
Skream and Clue Kid / sandsnake (Disfigured Dubz)
Skepta / sweet mother (white)
Masons / dog fight (Higher Level)
Lil Flip / i get money 2 (Asylum)
Mundo / big up (Dub Assembly)
Starkey / stripped gutted (Dead Homies)
Neil Landstrumm / tusk hunter (Planet µ)
Kromestar / surgery (Deep Medi)
DJ Zao / club talk (GTI)
Kromestar / zap dance (Kromestar)
Menta / sound of the future (Sounds Of Da Future)
Tittsworth / broke ass (T&A)

Wanklerotaryengine – Reality on a Plank Scale – Ragga Jungle and Breakcore mix

Got this nice mix in my inbox today. It contains lots of my favorite ragga jungle, raggacore and breakcore tunes.
If anyone else have a mix they have done don’t hesitate to contact me.

Check it out here!

Wanklerotaryengine had this to say about his mix:
“Wanklerotaryengine-Reality on a Plank Scale Mix
Ragga-Jungle, Dubstep, Breakcore, Metal, Mash-up

Please play on maximum volume.
All vinyl mix, yes them crackles are genuine. Enjoy!”

T.Raumschmiere-Rabaukendisko (The Bugs Dancehell Mix)
Rotator-Distorted Species
Aaron Spectre-1600 Penn FTW
Bong-ra-666Mph (Bong-ra v’s Aphasic Mix)
Twinhooker-Any Bwoy Dis
EOSS-Wacko Macko is Backo (Dj C – Babylona Fall Mix)
Shitmat-There’s No Business Like Propa’ Runglee Clotted Mashup Buzznizz
Istari Lasterfahrer-Dubcore
Twinhooker-War Den Ah War
Strog-Paranoid Mashup
Capleton-Bun Dem Every Day
The Bug-Jah War
Blackham-The Crusade
Aaron Spectre-Say More Fire
Istari Lasterfahrer-Sound Gets Dropped
Mathhead-Bonafidekilla (Aaron Spectre Mix)
Dj C-Come Back Wicked (Mashit Mix)
Mochipet-Botan Rice Core (Aaron Spectre Mix)
Aaron Spectre-You Don’t Know
Cardopusher-25 Years for Murder
Drumcorps-Forgive and Forget
The Assdroids-Licking the Spoon (Kill Yr Idols Mix)

Dubstep mix from Joe Nice

I like the selection in the mixes from Joe Nice. This is a recording from some radioshow done in September. Lots of nice dubstep tune to chill out to on slow Sunday.

Download it here.

Earth Wind & Fire – Sing A Song
Blackdown – Northside Cheng Dub
Blackdown – Northside Cheng Dub – RELOAD
Silkie – Cyber Dub
Gravious – Subterfuge
SLT MOB – No Big Deal
Jack Sparrow – I and I
Quest – Deep Inside
2562 – Kameleon
Headhunter – Lotus Locus
Headhunter – Lotus Locus – RELOAD
Martyn – Suburbia
Skream – Oskillata
Skream – Lightning Dub VIP
D1 – MK65
TRG – Broken Heart (Martyn Remix)
TRG – Broken Heart (Martyn Remix) – RELOAD
Gothtrad – Far Eastern Assassin (Distance Remix)
Luke Envoy – M.U.G.E.N.
Distance – No Sunshine
The Others – Funhouse
Rusko – William H Tonkers
Ghozt – Orkestral (JoeNice VIP)
Rusko – Acton Dred (LWiz remix)
Scuba – Out There
Scuba – Out There – RELOAD
Lwiz – Fruit Shop
Tunnidge – Riddles of Jah
Tunnidge – Riddles of Jah – RELOAD

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007 09 28 with Matthew Dear

This weeks guest on Mary Anne Hobbs is Matthew Dear playing some techno stuff.
Fave tunes this week are The Bug feat. Flowdan & Killa P – ‘Skeng’ [Kode 9 Rmx] (Hyperdub) and Milanese – ‘Mr Bad News’ [Clarke Rmx] [EP- ‘Adapt Rmx’] (Planet Mu).

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Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental with Matthew Dear [ download]

Zinc – ‘Flim’ [Skream Rmx] [LP- ‘Dubstep Drama’] (Dubplate Drama/Rinse)
Atto & Anderson – ‘Guimba’ [LP- ‘Addicted Vol. 2’] (Platipus)
Rusko – ‘Like Dis’ (Dubplate)
Zed Bias & Inklined Minds – ‘Can You Let Go’ (Sick Trumpet)
Lukid – ‘The Now’ [Hudson Mo Rmx] (Werk)
The Bug feat. Flowdan & Killa P – ‘Skeng’ [Kode 9 Rmx] (Hyperdub)
Fantastic Freaks – ‘@ The Dixie’ [LP- ‘Wild Style’] (Mr Bongo Recordings)
Parson – ‘Texas Crawl’ (Dubplate)
Skepta – ‘In A Corner’ [LP- ‘Greatest Hits’] (Boy Better Know)
Ra – ‘Ev.Panic’ (Planet Mu)
A Made Up Sound – ‘Sleepwalk’ (Subsolo)
Claro Intelecto – ‘Dependant’ (Modern Love)

Matthew Dear Mix

Milanese – ‘Mr Bad News’ [Clarke Rmx] [EP- ‘Adapt Rmx’] (Planet Mu)
Luke Envoy – ‘M.u.g.e.n’ (Dubplate)
Synco feat. Juakali – ‘New Cycle’ (Dubplate)
Breakage – ‘Callahan’ (Dubplate)
Frog Pocket – ‘Mull Fhuar’ [LP- ‘Come On Primates Show Your Teeth’] (Planet Mu)
Intex Sytems – ‘DS4’ (Hotflush)

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C64 – Live at Wasted Berlin January 26 2007 – Breakcore set

Lots of breakcore hits in this set from C64 that he played at Wasted in Berlin back in January.


01. Wisp – Beadumeagan (Sublight)
02. Parasite – Toxic Dancehall (Kamakazi Club)
03. DuranDuranDuran – Marathon Man **unreleased
04. Toecutter – Ode To Brendan Phelan (Painfree Foundsound Institute)
05. Cakebuilder – Savage (Ad Noiseam)
06. Istari Lasterfahrer – Self Blur Onload (Sozialistischer Plattenbau)
07. Datachi – Big Mountain (Sublight)
08. Ween – VooDoo Lady (Flying Nun)
09. Mochipet – Arpattack (Peace Off)
10. DJ Technorch – Boss On Parade (Rmx)
11. DuranDuranDuran – Throat Yogurt (Mutant Sniper)
12. Squarepusher -Modern Bass Guitar (Warp)
13. DJ Tugie – Kickin’ It Hard (Audio Damage)
14. Society Suckers – Toxic (Painfree Foundsound Institute)
15. Noize Creator – Berzerk (Nasdia))
16. Bombardier – DC (Low Res)
17. ???????
18. Dr. Bastardo – Punished (Peace Off LTD)
19. Tom Burbank – Blabber Mouth (Planet Mu)
20. Krumble – Usual Terror (Peace Off)
21. The Flashbulb – Lucid Bass III (Sublight)
22. Knifehandchop – Ninjaman (Deer Hunter Riddim)
23. Venetian Snares – Koonut Kaliffee (Dross:tik)
24. Ruff & Ready – Dreadlock (Ruff & Ready)
25. Richard Devine – Arc-Acid (Hymen / Sublight)
26. Knifehandchop – All Over Your Face (Tigerbeat6)
27. Venetian Snares – Die Winnipeg Die Die Die Fuckers Die (Sublight / Bang A Rang)
28. Xanopticon – Symptom (Thac0)
29. Cakebuilder – Ignited Nations (Dross:tik)