Yrjan – Oops, Stepped On Some Bass – dubstep mix

The Norwegian DJ Yrjan has made a new dubstep mix called Oops, Stepped On Some Bass. Lots of “classic” dubstep tracks! Check out his older mix here.
“This may just be the fastest mix I have ever done. I just threw all the dubstep I knew I hadn’t featured in my previous mix (Grimey!) into a playlist – along with all the new stuff I’d gotten – and took it from there. Five hours later it was finished, and this is the result. Overall I’m very happy with the pacing and the track selection, though some of the tracks are a bit on the older side. I hope fans of dubstep won’t hold that against me and that they aren’t too sick of these tracks already.”

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Yrian – Oops, Stepped On Some Bass – dubstep mix [Direct download]

Chasing Shadows – ILL (Original Mix)
Mistabishi – Printer Jam (Barbarix Remix)
The Streets – Blinded By The Lights (Nero Remix)
The Prodigy – Breathe (Numbernin6 Remix)
Vaski – Get Down (Original Mix)
Jack Beats – UFO (K-Hole Riddim Mix)
Rusko – Cockney Thug (Caspa Remix)
DJ Fresh feat. Stamina MC & Koko – Hypercaine (Nero Dubstep Mix)
Reso – Beasts In The Basement (Original Mix)
Kyza – Go (Bar 9 Dubstep Remix)
Rusko – Mr. Muscle (Original Mix)
EmalKay – When I Look At You (Original Mix)
Product.01 – Ready To Rage (Bassnectar & Jansten Remix)
Ajapai – What Do You Hear? (Original Mix)

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1 thought on “Yrjan – Oops, Stepped On Some Bass – dubstep mix”

  1. Hey Core,

    you’re doing your thing, big respect! I’ve been waiting for this kind of site since the end of newmixes.com. Keep up the good work, don’t stop uploading GP and Benji B shows.


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