Tom Ravenscroft 2022-02-25 The Ravers Hour with Ben LaMar Gay

“An exclusive 30 minute mix from Southside Chicago native, composer, singer and polymath Ben LaMar Gay followed by a 30 minute mix from Tom himself.
He’s just released his new album ‘Open Arms To Open Us’. Featured artists on the album include: OHMME singers Sima Cunningham and Macie Stewart, bassist/vocalist/arranger Ayanna Woods, multi-disciplinary Rwandan artist Dorothée Munyaneza, poet A.Martinez, cellist Tomeka Reid, and vocalists Onye Ozuzu, Gira Dahnee, and Angel Bat Dawid.
His debut album “Downtown Castles Can Never Block The Sun” came out in 2018, a collection of music composed, performed & produced by the anomalous Southside Chicago-born, sometimes Brazil-residing artist, compiled from 7 albums he made over the previous 7 years but never made the effort to actually release. These albums have subsequently gradually been released, and include ‘Confetti In The Sky Like Fireworks’, the soundtrack to the film ‘This Is Bate Bola’.”
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