Tom Ravenscroft 2022-02-04 The Ravers Hour with Dance System

“An exclusive 30 minute mix from Dance System, the work of DJ, producer and label owner James Connolly, followed by a 30 minute mix from Tom himself.
He’s releasing his debut album as Dance System, ‘In Your System’, in April, and begins Radio 1 residency in March ahead of a 25 date world tour in April with a live A/V show.
Growing up in Brighton, Connolly began DJing, producing and promoting club nights during his teenage years.
In 2008, he made his debut under his L-Vis 1990 moniker, releasing an eponymous EP.
He is a co-founder of the highly influential label Night Slugs.
Around 2015 he took a 5 year hiatus away from dance music, started working more with vocalists and got into sound design.
Connolly relocated to Italy just when lockdown hit. All his shows were cancelled and releases were put on hold. In response to quarantine, residents in Connolly’s Roman neighbourhood were hosting “flash parties”; everyone would gather on their balconies at 6pm and play music, sing, and bash pots and pans. This became his daily respite, and one night, Connolly decided to move his speakers out onto the balcony and blast out Blah Blah Blah by Italo dance legend Gigi D’Agostino. “Everyone went wild” recalls Connolly, “They were dancing, whistling and cheering. I felt completely revitalised and decided to make a Dance System edit of the track to play on the balcony the next evening.”
At the end of 2020, he released his star-studded 20-track mixtape ‘Where’s The Party At?’, featuring collaborations with Hudson Mohawke, India Jordan, A-Trak, DJ Deeon, Sally C, Cromby, Shadow Child, Herbert, UNIIQU3, Hugo Paris and more.
He says of the mixtape: “This isn’t about house or techno; it’s about fun, playful dance music, and I chose collaborators based solely on that – old and new friends from all different sides of dance music, coming together for one big, fun party.””
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